How to get more views in Content Warning

Content Warning plan whiteboard
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning plan whiteboard
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Content Warning is a co-op horror game with in-built recording mechanics—and an audience that loves scary stuff.

Like Lethal Company, Content Warning also has a quota for players to hit. It gets difficult as players complete runs and record more videos. The number of views required when one reaches the second or third quota seems impressively unattainable. But it is possible to follow the proper steps and understand the game in depth.

Whether you are a beginner to Content Warning or a pro looking for ideas, here are some crucial tips that will teach you exactly how to get more views in Content Warning.

How to get more views in Content Warning

To be a worthy SpookTuber, you must start thinking like a Content Creator. This includes making videos that check the following:

  • Action Focused
  • Somewhat funny
  • Engaging
  • Scary and Exciting
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Focused on retention

Social media platforms utilize the above for viral content. All these ideas can be applied in Content Warning, too. Let's discuss what's more:

Apply YouTube viral content hacks

What makes a viral, real-life YouTube video? Gather it all in your content. This includes:

  • Brainstorming massive ideas
  • Short but catchy intro
  • Selfie-shot scenes
  • Attention-grabbing content in between
  • Outro with suspense for future content

Production quality

Players might go for the flashlights and healing items first but don't forget that a good setup makes good content. In essence, don't sleep on the Boom Mic and Clapper. These two gadgets take Content Warning videos to another level.

Boom Mic is best for capturing weird noises and sounds while encountering monsters because it amplifies the sounds, making the video content even more scary and nerve-wracking.

Feature different monsters

Do you like to watch videos with the same thing over and over again? Neither does your audience. Therefore, you should feature different and newer monsters in your videos instead of focusing on one or two that you have featured before.

Film unique objects

Capture and feature almost every single unique object you come across. The Old World is filled with countless things that people would love to look at and hear commentary about, such as Skulls, Bones, and even Diving Bells. Footage these now and then to boost views!

In-game blunders and bloopers

Monster interactions that result in death gather views. However, the game follows physics concepts, so damage from falling or getting hit by a friend is also entertaining.

Other than that, don't stop recording gore, either. If your friend got taken down, it's sad, but get that on footage as well. You can't bring them back, but that videotape is gold for getting videos in Content Warning.

While there are many ways to get more views in Content Warning. The best of them is to think from the perspective of a Content Creator and utilize viral content strategies. And if you're having trouble playing with your friends, take a look at how to join a Content Warning game.

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