Contact Lens computers are now reality, locking you into the future

As humanity chases futuristic concepts like The Metaverse and augmented reality, it was only a matter of time before smart lenses became tangible. While companies like OPPO are working hard on creating contact lens computers, it would seem that one startup has beat them to the punch.

Are contact lens computers possible?

Via GMA, new startup Mojo Vision has revealed prototypes of their new AR contact lenses: Mojo Lens. Designed to bring the full power of a smartphone to your eye, the sci-fi eye PC aims to connect humanity with technology more than ever before.

According to the startup, Mojo Lens will turn the user’s entire field of view into one huge screen. This allows the device to annotate the real world with information, such as a map to guide you or prices on an item in a shop window.

Using eye tracking, the smart lens will be able to be controlled completely hands free. Whether or not this will be an enjoyable way to use a smartphone-like OS or not is yet to be seen. However, if you’ve ever played anything with eye tracking before, you should know that it’s incredibly tiring.

According to the website: “[Mojo Lens] quietly provides you with crucial data while you're engaged in events that demand your attention. With its invisible, wearable display, Mojo Lens helps you keep your concentration by providing information heads-up and hands-free."

An example of what Mojo Vision wants to create.
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An example of what Mojo Vision wants to create.

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Custom fit for every user

As contact lens computers are designed around your eyeballs, they need to accommodate different eye shapes and different focal ranges. For example, a smart lens for a person with 20/20 vision likely won’t work on someone with shortsightedness and vice versa.

With this in mind, Mojo is claiming that each lens will be unique to the user. CTO and co-founder Mike Wiemer explained: “We custom fit each lens to your eyes so that it's extremely comfortable to wear. It doesn't rotate or slip on the eye.”

However, there’s still the question of how viable is this tech in the mass market. With full frame AR glasses still not perfected, how can we expect tiny contacts to be?

There is currently no planned release date for the Mojo Lens, nor any of its competitors. While some companies are working hard to hype the tech up, it seems like it’s a long way away.

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