Colourful Japanese RPG Omori disappears from Microsoft store

Colorful japanese RPG Omori disappeared from Microsoft store cast of characters

Colorful japanese RPG Omori disappeared from Microsoft store cast of characters

Gamers were confused a few days ago when a Game Pass update seemed to bring with it the cancellation of Omori. The colourful little weird Japanese RPG had been previously available as part of the Game Pass service, planned to be removed at the end of June. Now the game is gone, but it has also disappeared from the store altogether.

Worried gamers took on Reddit to find out if it was an isolated problem or not. Apparently even those users who had previously bought the game were now prevented from playing it, as it reported being "not available". A quick search on the web reveals the entry for Omori is still there on the Microsoft store, but searching the game through the Xbox application shows no results.

Users reported also being in touch with Microsoft support and being told that the game is just not available on stores anymore. The only way to play it, at the moment, would be to actually get a key. But they also don't seem to be available anywhere, as the developer is only selling Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 copies.

Released in December of 2020, developed by Omocat, Omori is a strange little Japanese RPG featuring several wacky and weird moments and cutscenes. Such as one early on where the player is forced to look at feet pics, as it happens. The game was very well reviewed, currently sitting at a 87 rating on Metacritic.

While Microsoft has indeed confirmed that the game is gone and there is no news on when (or if) it will be back, the developers have been reached out for comment but haven't replied yet. If you were playing on Xbox, then unfortunately there is no way to continue, until the game comes back or you obtain a key somehow.

It is not the first time we hear of a game being de-listed from a digital store suddenly and with no explanation, but every time it happens, it sure hurts just like the first.

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