Elden Ring modder is developing a co-op mod for Armored Core 6

Co-op mod for Armored Core 6 - Mech watching an explosion in the distance

Co-op mod for Armored Core 6 - Mech watching an explosion in the distance

Sure, piloting your mech and raining missiles and laser beams on other enemies is great, but what about being able to do it with another mech piloted by a friend? This is indeed what a co-op mod for Armored Core 6 is promising, being developed by the same modder behind the ones for Elden Ring and Sekiro.

In the clip above, modder LukeYui is showing off some possible two-player co-op gameplay, taking place in AC6's "Attack The Watchpoint" mission. But, according to the modder, that is just a taste. The finished version will apparently feature up to six different players. One player will host while the other five will act as guests, all fighting together.

But that's not all. Since Armored Core 6 is pretty well known for its high difficulty, LukeYui mentions that the co-op mod will make up for that with level scaling. While not currently a part of the current build, the modder says that the player hosting the game will also "be able to adjust the difficulty per additional player”.

Furthermore, all missions in the game should be fully playable in co-op, as the host will decide which ones to play. The party will stay the same between the various missions, so there is no need to change or reconnect each time.

As mentioned, the modder has already developed some pretty solid mods. In Elden Ring, the "Seamless Co-op" mod allows you to play the entirety of the game, from the tutorial to the final boss, in co-op. This might be a great way to have an easier time with some of the most difficult bosses in the game. Or, to put it another way, when it's too dangerous to go alone.

Despite all this information, LukeYui has no information yet on when the Armored Core 6 co-op mod will be released. Naturally, we suggest keeping an eye on the modder's NexusMods page, for updates and subsequent releases.

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