Classic FPS VR ports we’d love to see

The impending release of Doom 3 VR at the end of this month, got the team at Stealth Optional thinking about other classic FPS games that could benefit from a VR port. 

All these titles would of course receive the same treatment as Doom 3 VR, which has quality of life improvements for VR, updated visuals and motion controller support. These are also of course pure speculation, and in no way a confirmation of any development that could be happening. 

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

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Most gamers wince when you mention the phrase ‘movie adapted video game’ but Escape from Butcher Bay is up there as one of the best adaptations of all time. 

A unique mix of atmosphere, action and stealth, alongside a very believable Vin Diesel performance made Escape from Butcher Bay stand out at the time. Gameplay consisted of tense stealth sections, hand-to-hand combat and action-packed gunfights. 

Those three elements would make for a fantastic VR experience, placing players in Riddick’s footsteps as he escapes from the brutal Butcher Bay Correctional Facility. 

This remake makes even more sense when you consider the general lack of stealth games available in VR. Imagine being able to sneak around as Riddick, before taking down an enemy using motion controls. The immersive possibilities of a VR port of Escape from Butcher Bay are endless, and we honestly hope it becomes a reality one day, that or a remaster at least.

TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect

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Often mentioned in the discussion for best multiplayer shooter of all time, TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect set a new standard for what local and online multiplayer could achieve.

Featuring fast-paced action and plenty of strafing, a VR port would only be playable for those with a strong constitution. For those who could stomach the breakneck gunplay, Future Perfect would launch as one of the best multiplayer FPS games available in VR.

It’s biggest selling point would no doubt be the huge selection of unusual weapons. Imagine having full motion and hand control of the Monkey Gun or the HeatSeaker, while also being able to use the motion controller to throw grenades around corners. TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect would be the perfect kind of pandemonium in VR, and we’d absolutely love to see it. 

The Darkness

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By far one of the most unique games on Xbox 360 and PS3. The Darkness follows the story of Jackie Estacado, a gangster who is inhabited by an ancient evil force. This in turn gives Jackie an arsenal of demonic powers to use, alongside the typical bevvy of firearms you’d expect in a modern FPS.

A VR take on The Darkness, would give players the opportunity to wield ancient evil powers first-hand. You could not only wave your arms to direct a wave of ancient imp-like creatures, but also control the tentacles which protrude from Jackie. 

It might take some intuitive design to fit the control scheme for The Darkness into the PSVR or Oculus Quest 2, but if done correctly, The Darkness would be an experience like no other in VR.

Halo 3: O.D.S.T

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We’re probably being a little unrealistic here, but if there was ever going to be a Halo VR game, it’s likely going to be O.D.S.T. Based in the city of New Mombasa, O.D.S.T would be a more realistic project to port because of its concise level design. 

O.D.S.T commitment to narrative, visual design and atmosphere would also make it an utter delight to experience. Travelling through the city with neon lights and the cityscape hovering above you, players could immerse themselves in the world of Halo like never before. 

It would also provide players with a fantastic opportunity to use and handle Halo’s iconic arsenal of weaponry. Whether you prefer the SMG, or the Energy Sword, being able to handle them using an Oculus Rift Touch Controller or Valve Index Controller would frankly be the stuff of dreams. 

What makes O.D.S.T even more suited to VR is that it already had a heads-up display as part of its UI. Titled VISR, the heads-up display marks enemies as red, allies as green and items of interest in blue and yellow. This would look absolutely fantastic through a VR headset, as it would feel like you are actually viewing everything through a helmet with a heads up display. 

We know this one is a bit of a reach (heh), but it would be a fantastic VR experience.


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Considered one of the best first-person shooters of all time, Bioshock plunges players into an under-water city on the brink of collapse. Atmospheric, tense and hauntingly beautiful, wandering the streets of Rapture in VR would be the perfect way to experience the game.

Narrative and setting aside, Bioshock’s mix of gunplay and genetically-modified abilities would make for some exciting gameplay moments. Whether you’re shooting away with the tommy gun, or flinging electricity from your fingertips, there’s lots of combat variety in Bioshock and plenty of ways it could be optimised for VR. 

Interestingly, Bioshock VR on PC already exists. Using Vorpx, players can explore Rapture in VR, although it lacks many of the VR features we’d expect to see in an official port or mod. Even without those features, Bioshock translates to Vorpx incredibly well, showing how great an official release could be. 

Of all the game’s we’ve listed above, an official Bioshock VR release is probably the most likely to happen, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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