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Credit: u/walkingtheriver

Credit: u/walkingtheriver

Be you a veteran player or someone new to Civilization VI, you can never get enough of this immersive world-building game. But sometimes, you might want to indulge in a bit more than what the game already offers. Thankfully, Steam Workshop and Nexus Mods have amazing and user-friendly CIV 6 mods to enhance your game to another level!

From quality-of-life improvement to adding extra layers of realistic experiences, these mods will get your creative juices flowing. Meaning, by installing these mods for CIV 6, you’ll get to experience arrays of popular civilizations to experiment with various cultivation and gameplay tactics, this game has you covered.

So, here's a compilation of the best CIV 6 gameplay mods from The Steam Workshop, to enhance your game mechanics for new, unforgettable experiences.

Cheat Menu Panel Mod for CIV 6

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Credit: The Steam Community
CIV 6 mods Cheat Menu Panel

The cheat Menu Panel is perfect for those who want to ensure a good gaming experience and enjoy without losing game progress to an unsatisfactory playthrough. This mod is ideal for keybinding various cheats so players can use them at a moment's notice.

While not everyone enjoys cheating in CIV 6, such mods can help complete the game without the hassle of losing hours of gameplay to the game crashing or failing to play in Deity Mode (the hardest mode in the game.)

Additionally, the Cheat Menu Panel mod on The Steam Workshop comes with key features like:

  • 100 Gold and 100 Faith
  • Add +1 Population to a Selected City
  • Complete Production of a Selected City
  • Raze Selected City
  • +1 Governor Title Point, and many more!

CIVITAS City-States Expanded

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Credit: Steam Community
CIV 6 mods civitas city states expanded

Do you wish to overhaul small nations of your choice in CIV 6? Then consider checking out the CIVITAS City-States Expanded mod available in The Steam Workshop.

With this mod, you can add 40+ city-states, city types, and characteristics to give each city-state some unique, distinctive personality. Not to forget, the CIVITAS City-States Expanded will also bring changes to the existing cities.

These new locations and their popularity will need to adhere to the laws and rules of the geographical locations. The population also needs to follow proper leadership within their territory.

The new city-state types are:

  • Entertained
  • Agricultural
  • Maritime city, etc.

As for the rest of CIV 6, the mod can tweak its colour palette for a more robust visual overhaul. The CIVITAS City-States Expanded mod is compatible with all expansions. So, you can build better civilizations and their populace with the help of this add-on feature.

These creative modifications are a great call-back to the best features of the past Civilization.

Infixo's Better Report Screen

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Credit: Steam Community
Best CIV 6 mods Infixos Better Report Screen

Civilization VI is a vast game with diverse strategies, civilizations, policies, worldbuilding components, and more. For many, all this information can be overwhelming to retain, especially alongside the game's story progression.

Thankfully, Better Report Screen by Infixo is an efficient UI mod to streamline such information in no time. But that's not all, as this mod also declutters the report screen, and sorts out all information into different tabs. All in all, it makes in-game information, easy to access and read.

The best part of Better Report Screen is that it:

  • Suitable with the base game, the Rise and Fall, Gathering Storms expansions, and official scenarios
  • Compatible with all languages
  • Fitting with Stacking and Combat Overhauls
  • Works with CIVITAS City-States Expanded, etc.

Environment Skin

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Credit: Nexus Mods
CIV 6 mods Environment Skin

If you love maps but prefer more simplified and toned-down graphics for more readability, then Environment Skin is for you. While Civilization VI maps are vibrant in colour and information, they can be visually overwhelming for some.

Thanks to Environment Skin, players can change the game visuals to Civilization V, which is more toned down. It is easy on the eyes and includes a more neutral colour palette. Similar to Better Report Screen, Environment Skin is compatible with all expansions to date.

With this mode, your game's visuals will include:

  • Reduced saturation of buildings
  • Overall visual feel of CIV 5

The colours and textures are vastly similar to CIV 5. It is especially visible on plains, beaches, snow, grasslands, marches, icecaps, ocean floor, tundra, and more. Hence, if you prefer the previous games' graphics but are enjoying Civilization VI, this mod is a visual treat.

Civ 6 Minecraft Mod

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Credit: Steam Community
CIV 6 Minecraft Mod

How about a Civilization VI mod that turns the entire game into Minecraft? With this mod, you can replace CIV 6 graphics, landforms, and various other in-game resources to mimic Minecraft elements.

These changes the game's visuals into pixelated models similar to Minecraft and make the game look aesthetically pleasing and fun. This mod makes the game feel more creative and dynamic, especially for all the Minecraft fans!

The Minecraft mod for CIV 6 also holds an Easter egg. If you use the Minecraft mod alongside the Desert Forest Mod, you will find cacti within the CIV 6 deserts! This mod is for purely visual aesthetic purposes and makes the game feel fresh and fun. It is ideal for live streamers and gaming YouTubers looking to make their content more exciting.

Thrones and Palace

Thrones-and-Palaces-mod-for CIV-6
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Credit: Steam Community
CIV 6 mods Thrones and Palaces

The Thrones and Palaces CIV 6 mod by Technoluddite is a beautiful call back to the Throne Room from Civilization 2 and the Palace from Civilization 3. If you are a CIV veteran, these little details will catch your eye right from the get-go.

With this CIV 6 mod, you can turn your unfurnished cave into a palatial magnificence. After installing the mod, you'll be able to enter these rooms through the Palace button and the Throne Room buttons. These buttons are on the Launch Bar in the top-left corner of the screen.

Now, keep in mind that mods like these are purely for cosmetic overlays and do not change gameplay. You play Civilization VI as is, but now with added visual effects from installing the mod. And if you add the mod before starting the game, you can get upgrade points. These points are useful for making improvements in the palace and throne rooms, making them more visually aesthetic.

In short, these are some of the best mods for CIV 6, in our opinion. They are easy to install and use, and all the instructions are on their respective Steam pages. So if you are a veteran player or new to CIV 6, try out these mods to enhance your experience today!

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