Cities: Skylines 2 workers – how to get more workers in Cities: Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 workers

Cities Skylines 2 workers

If there’s one thing your city needs to keep running, it’s a healthy workforce. Should you find yourself lacking in Cities: Skylines 2 workers, your metropolis might be headed for trouble. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to help you get ahead of the problem.

As you play through Colossal Order’s city management simulator, you’ll notice there’s plenty for you to do, such as managing your industrial zones and providing food for shelters. If you don’t have enough people in your workforce, the game will give you a “Not Enough Workers” notification.

So, let’s take a look at what you can do to have a steady supply of Cities: Skylines 2 workers, since almost everything you do in the game will require some manpower.

How to get more workers in Cities: Skylines 2

In order to get more workers in Cities: Skylines 2, you need to take a look at your population’s education level, along with providing efficient means of commuting. Here are some things you can try in more detail:

Adjust the population’s education level

The way to do this is to build more schools. But you’re also going to need to pay attention to what type of schools you need more of.

You should also be mindful of where you place these schools on the map.

Provide an efficient means of commute

You can do this by either providing enough modes of transportation for your citizens or placing them closer to work. If getting to the office is too much of a hassle for them, your citizens won’t be taking those jobs.

But since, we will be providing internet services in Cities: Skylines 2, citizens might also have the option to work from home.

Increase your population

There are plenty of ways you can do this since an increased population is a good indicator of how you’ve progressed through the game. You can make your city more attractive by having low tax rates and building more parks.

But, if you’re already hurting for more workers, the number of available jobs can make your city attractive enough for some. In any case, make sure you have enough housing for your new inhabitants.

What causes the not enough workers problem in Cities: Skylines 2?

The issue of not having enough workers in Cities: Skylines 2 is heavily tied to the type of education that is available in your city.

For example, if you’ve put up plenty of buildings that require a high level of education for their workers, you are going to need a university to man those offices. On the other hand, having lots of industrial jobs available will require you to have more lower-educated citizens.

Another thing that you might also want to check is your city’s road network. Citizens won’t be able to get jobs if there’s no way for them to get to the office.

So that’s our guide on getting more Cities: Skylines 2 workers. While you’re here, you might also want to check out how to make your citizens happy in the city-building game, or how to deal with water pollution.

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