Cities: Skylines 2 Steam Deck - performance and best settings

Cities Skylines 2 Steam Deck performance best settings

Cities Skylines 2 Steam Deck performance best settings

Excitement is building for Cities: Skylines 2 as we approach its release date. It will be available on PC and certain consoles, but how will it fare on the Steam Deck?

Whether you're a casual or hardcore fan of the city building genre, Cities: Skylines 2 will give you a lot to sink your teeth into. It even has a transportation system that looks to keep the game fun.

Let's find out if you can continue to keep an eye on your very own metropolis while you're on the go or laying in bed.

Cities: Skylines 2 Steam Deck performance

The first Cities: Skylines game is playable on Steam Deck but it has plenty of issues. However, keep in mind that it's an 8-year old game that came out well before the Steam Deck was released, so it definitely could not have been optimized for the handheld system.

Cities: Skylines 2 should be a different story. If you take a look at the upcoming sequel's system requirements, you'll see that it should perform decently on the Steam Deck.

Given the nature of Cities: Skylines 2's gameplay, you can lock the game at 30 FPS to bump up the graphics quality. You can set the graphics to low or medium settings to ensure better performance, but your preferences will have the final say in this.

This is all speculative though, as the game doesn't come out until October.

Cities: Skylines 2 Steam Deck best settings

We can't say for sure what the best Steam Deck settings will be for Cities: Skylines 2 just yet, but we can take some calculated guesses. For starters, let's take a look at what settings players use for running the first Cities: Skylines on the Deck.

  • Settings: Value
  • TDP Limit: 13
  • FPS Limit: 24 FPS
  • Refresh Rate: 24Hz
  • FSR: on

It should be pointed out again that Cities: Skylines is nowhere near optimized for the Steam Deck. With Cities: Skylines 2 expected to be better suited for Steam Deck, consider these settings as more of a starting point when trying out the sequel.

If you want to know more about Cities: Skylines 2, check out the details about its map size while you're here.

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