Cities: Skylines 2 education levels – how to attain them

Cities: Skylines 2 education school in the game

Cities: Skylines 2 education school in the game

Education plays a huge role in a society’s development both in real life and in city-management simulators. For this guide, we’ll be looking at the Cities: Skylines 2 education system to see how it might impact your progress in the game.

You won’t have a shortage of things to do in Cities: Skylines 2, but you should always be checking on your city’s education levels. If you constantly have enough educated citizens living in your town, you’ll never run out of workers for your commercial and industrial zones.

So let’s start getting into the different Cities: Skylines 2 education levels and find out how your citizens can reach them.

How to attain different education levels in Cities: Skylines 2

You can start raising the education level of your city by building enough schools across the map. Here’s a look at the educational buildings available from the first Cities: Skylines that are likely to return for the sequel.

  • Elementary School - uneducated children can attend this school to reach the educated level.
  • High School – educated teens that attend this facility can level up to become well-educated.
  • University – well-educated young adults can go to a university to become highly-educated citizens.
  • Public Library – this facility is available to people of all ages, and anyone that goes to it has a small chance of raising their education level.

In addition to simply building these facilities, you can also enact policies that promote education in your city.

Education levels in Cities: Skylines 2 explained

Cities: Skylines 2 has four different education levels – uneducated, educated, well-educated, and highly educated. A person’s education level will determine what type of jobs they’ll be able to apply for. Better start studying if you are falling behind.

When you first start in the game, the citizens that come to your city will be uneducated. From there, you can slowly begin to invest in different educational buildings to raise the education levels of your city’s citizens.

You can check on the state of your town’s education by going into your in-game interface and looking for the education section.

And that’s all we have for you about the different Cities: Skylines 2 education levels. If you’re interested in other tips for the game, you’re welcome to check out our guides on stopping sewage backup and emptying landfills.

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