Chromecast with Google TV doesn't support Google Stadia...yet

Google's recently announced Chromecast is now available to pre-order. Coming with Google TV, the latest Chromecast finally brings streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ to the product.

However, Google's own game streaming service, Google Stadia, will work on the Google TV platform when the Chromecast releases, with Google failing to fix this compatibility issue that has also plagued Android TV owners since the product launched.

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Luckily, there are a few workarounds, but this isn't a good look for Google's already uncertain advance into the games streaming market, especially as Amazon has now entered the battle with its Luna streaming. Let's take a deeper look into this.

Still no room for Stadia

When viewing the Chromecast with Google TV page, Google's marketing focus is on the ability to use the likes of Netflix, YouTube, ITV Hub and other TV streaming services.

However, there is no mention on this main page of Google Stadia, the game streaming service that launched in 2019. Instead, tucked away on the comparison page is the promise that Stadia support is "Coming in 2021" following the Chromecast's release.

Stadia's absence on the Chromecast with Google TV extends the streaming service's lack of support for Google-owned TV services. Android TV's currently also do not have a Google Stadia app that can stream games direct from the TV.

Google's previous Chromecast product - Chromecast Ultra- still works with Google Stadia, and is sold as part of the Google Stadia Premiere Edition, demonstrating that the current issue is with Google/Android TV support rather than Chromecast.

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How to play Stadia on Chromecast with Google TV

There are currently no official ways to play Stadia on the Chromecast with Google TV, and while we'd recommend just waiting until Stadia support comes in 2021, there are some workarounds online that will get you playing via your TV.

Most of these involve what is known as 'APK Sideloading', which boils down to transferring the application's APK from your mobile to Google TV device. However, as pointed out by 9to5google, this method of play still has its problems.

Not only does this method create issues when using a controller on the menus, but latency issues, lower frame rates and resolutions will also affect gameplay. We'll be waiting for that 2021 update.

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