Chinese AI developed to check loyalty of CCP party members

Another artificial intelligence program has reportedly been created for the Chinese government. This time, the cutting-edge Chinese AI is said to be able to detect a CCP party member’s loyalty to the state.

Is there a Chinese AI to detect government loyalty?

Reported by Beijing reporter Didi Tang for The Times, China does have access to an AI to detect party loyalty. Developed by researchers at Hefei Comprehensive National Science Centre, the Chinese AI could be a dangerous new tool.

According to the report, the new AI program can test how receptive a person will be to “thought education”. The technology appears to be based off an emotion AI dataset. This is because the tool works off analysing facial expressions — as well as brainwaves — to get its results.

The AI tool will allegedly be used to test the loyalty of Chinese communist party members. Tests will involve a party member sitting in a chair and looking at articles of party policies. The AI will then analyse their reaction to the articles.

A video was released of the technology in action. However, that video has since been taken down from Chinese social media platforms.

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Only true believers

China’s new AI software is a dangerous one, a tool that will likely result in the deaths of those who aren’t “true believers” of the CCP. Furthermore, the tool will be used to further improve thought education, making the Chinese public more attuned with the CCP.

“[The Chinese AI] will provide real data for thought and political education so it can be improved and enriched,” the journalist said.

In the report, the AI’s goals were said to increase the “confidence and determination” of CCP party members. This will mean that more people will be “grateful to the party, listen to the party and follow the party”.

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