China’s Future and Science museum makes customisable robots with 'goosebumps' and 'veins'

The emerging humanoid robot trend is resulting in some of the most impressive robotics ever seen. This has led to companies like Tesla deciding to join in on the tech-trend, creating projects like Tesla Bot. However, while Tesla continues working on a project that may never leave, China’s Future and Science museum is already trying to one up them.

Future and Science museum is China’s Westworld

Reported by Yahoo, the Dalian EX Future and Science Museum is leaning hard into robotics technology. Described as China’s very own version of dystopian theme park “Westworld”, the museum is a creepy shrine to robotics.

Shown off in a video by Chinese media outlet CGTN, the sci-fi inspired museum features multiple robots in massive cryo-pods. Housed in the museum’s research and design center, the Dalian venue also makes custom robotics on the go.

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At the Future and Science museum, technicians will create one-of-a-kind robots based on viewers. This is done by scanning a person’s body and features to create replica, humanoid robots. Additionally, the robots have creepy levels of realism.

Using high-quality scanners and 3D printing, the museum can replicate the smallest details of a human. The museum’s robots are so lifelike that tiny limb veins and even goosebumps are replicated on the robot replicas.

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Watch a robot get made

To showcase the technology, the Dalian Future and Science museum invited a Chinese journalist to try the new experience. The journalist was not only able to explore the venue, but also have a robot replica of herself scanned and printed.

Additionally, the video shows just how engaging the museum’s robotics exhibition is. Users can use facial tracking apps to control a robot’s facial varies pleasures, or gloves to move their hands. This is all done with one-to-one movement.

The museum is also populated with multiple robots based on famous faces. One robot is designed after Albert Einstein, another after deceased Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Essentially, these kind of exhibits could be the future instead of venues like wax museums.

The Dalian Future and Science museum hasn't quite broken out of the Uncanny Valley. Just like wax figurines, things don't look quite right, they're a little too lifeless. With the addition of robotic movement, that uncanny valley is only exacerbated.

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