Steam Summer Sale: How to get a £100 Steam top-up code card and pay NOTHING today - the best PC gaming deals to get a cheap Steam top-up credit voucher or a free game

The Steam Summer Sale is likely to be kicking off soon, but did you know you can save even more money on Steam by picking up a cheap Steam top-up code card before you buy a game? Or you could even pick up £100 of Steam credit without having to pay a penny today.

As ever, the Steam Summer Sale is sure to bring hefty discounts to big-name games on PC, but shopping a little smarter could save you a larger chunk of change. Or it could help you put off the actual payment for a few months.

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Keep reading to find out the secrets to squeezing a little bit more PC gaming goodness out of your bank balance when the Steam Summer Sale kicks off..

Steam deals and discounts: Where can you buy a cheap Steam top-up code card?

Although buying a Steam top-up code card would normally cost you the exact same amount as you're paying for (a £10 code card costs £10 to buy, for example), there are certain retailers that undercut this price to give you a cheaper way to buy Steam currency.

If you click here for CD Keys, you'll find a 4% discount that gets you £50 of Steam currency for the lower price of £47.99 - and considering that some games only cost a couple of quid during sale season, that saving could mean you effectively end up with a free game!

If you click here for G2A, you'll see a similar saving that gets you a $20 code (which works anywhere on the globe) that costs just £17.10. Again, making those pennies work harder can go a long way when the Steam summer sale is on.

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Steam offers and extras: What other benefits can you get when buying a Steam top-up?

While lots of sites don't offer discounted Steam top-ups, you'll often find an extra incentive in the mix to offer some added value to your purchase.

If you click here for Currys PC World, for example, you'll notice that you can claim six months of Spotify Premium when purchasing a £20 Steam voucher (as long as you're in a position to create a new Spotify Premium account).

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How to get £100 of Steam credit and pay NOTHING today

Or if you click here for GAME, you'll be able to buy a £100 Steam top-up and pay NOTHING today. If you're eligible to accept GAME's offer of Paypal Credit on purchases of £100 or more, you'll have four months to pay off your £100 purchase with 0% interest.

Just be careful, though. Paypal Credit, which describes itself as a credit card without the plastic, will start charging interest after four months. You'll want to read the terms and conditions carefully so you know what you're getting yourself in for.

Whichever way you decide to make your Steam purchases that little bit less painful, we hope you enjoy the Steam Summer Sale - happy shopping, folks!

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