ChatGPT Robot Dog turns Boston Dynamics’ Spot into IRL K9

ChatGPT Robot Dog turns Boston Dynamics’ Spot into IRL K9

ChatGPT Robot Dog turns Boston Dynamics’ Spot into IRL K9

A ChatGPT robot dog has been developed to realise the dreams of sci-fi fans everywhere. The first step towards creating a real-life K9 or Dynomutt, the incorporation of OpenAI’s technology finally allows (robotic) dogs to speak to humans.

Robot dogs have been used in all manner of ways, including exploring Pompeii ruins and patrolling the streets as robocops. However, the technology has also been turned into weaponry with owners attaching rifles, and militaries attaching rocket launchers, to the technology.

Nevertheless, a number of engineers have created a ChatGPT robot dog in a wholesome display of modern-day technology. Posted on Twitter by ML.School’s Santiago, ChatGPT was added to Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot.

Using ChatGPT, the robot dog is now able to listen to and answer questions from a human user. In the video, the engineers ask the robodog a question, and a generated text-to-speech voice responds, similar to a more advanced Alexa.

The engineers gave ChatGPT access to the robot’s JSON, a file that stores temporary data about the robot’s components and objectives. Using this, the engineers are able to ask the robot what its battery life is, how many objectives it has to complete and more.

In one scenario, the engineers asked the ChatGPT Robot Dog what its previous mission was. The robot responded: “The last mission was Room 56. It lasted thirty minutes and there were two thermal anomalies detected.”

This technology also allowed the engineers to add voice commands, commanding the robot to walk backwards, come towards them and more. Furthermore, binary yes or no questions can be answered with a simple nod or shake instead of relying on long-winded answers from the internal chatbot.

However, the coolest and most interesting feature is the ability to have full conversations with the robot dog. While not anywhere near as cute as being able to talk to a real, cuddly, fluffy dog, it’s still a mechanical marvel. Not very cute, though, nothing with multiple cameras is, to be honest.

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