ChatGPT has lost its damn mind, and no one knows why

OpenAI ChatGPT logo with cracks in front of a gasping emoji
Credit: OpenAI / Apple

OpenAI ChatGPT logo with cracks in front of a gasping emoji
Credit: OpenAI / Apple

While many people have fears of AI going rogue à la Skynet from the Terminator franchise, no one expected OpenAI's popular ChatGPT to start losing its mind - and no one knows why just yet.

As spotted by Sean Mcguire on Twitter, the AI has started playing up, whether you're on the ChatGPT free or paid plans. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be affecting other services using ChatGPT, like Microsoft's Copilot Pro, but it's a pretty wild time to be using OpenAI's popular chatbot.

As shared by Sean, ChatGPT has started giving nonsense responses suddenly, with users on the r/ChatGPT subreddit also getting ridiculous replies. It varies from spamming phrases like "Happy Listening" over and over, to just straight up random strings of words.

Some users have joked that this is due to OpenAI training ChatGPT via Reddit data, with Reddit Inc. recently completing a annualised contract to sell data to an AI company. However, the company that have made the deal with Reddit has been unnamed, and even if OpenAI is the unnamed company, it's unlikely to have started getting Reddit data already.

The OpenAI status page confirms that the company is monitoring the issue, and from our testing, it seems that ChatGPT is in a better shape now. However, it's a good indication that AI isn't perfect still. It's likely that this nonsensical moment with ChatGPT is growing pains, and it won't be a permanent issue.

However, OpenAI is already moving into the next big trend in artificial intelligence. OpenAI's Sora has been revealed as a text-to-video generator that looks extremely (and scarily) impressive. Considering the Will Smith eating spaghetti video was created by AI only a year ago, back in March 2023, it's pretty shocking how far AI has come in a short span of time.

You can sign up for the OpenAI Sora waitlist, if you're particularly intrigued to see how well Sora works when you input your own text and see what comes from it. However, there's no clear release date on the AI just yet.

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