Captain Janeway actress Kate Mulgrew discusses Star Trek: Voyager revival

Over the past few years, fans have Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds have released to invoke some kind of nostalgia for classic Trek characters. It looks like we could get yet another nostalgia-fest as Captain Janeway actress Kate Mulgrew revealed that she’s been in talks with old cast members for a possible Star Trek: Voyager revival.

Is Captain Janeway returning

Kate Mulgrew recently spoke with Den of Geek about the legendary Star Trek: Voyager series. During the interview, Mulgrew confirmed that she has spoken with co-stars about a possible Star Trek: Voyager revival.

While Mulgrew didn’t outright confirm a revival for the fan-favorite Trek series, she did bring up how the cast likes to talk about the franchise’s evolution over the years.

“I mean my great friends are Robert Picardo and John de Lancie. We’re always touching down and crossing paths. And when we do talk about Star Trek, all of us are just so amazed that it constantly is reinventing itself,” reveals Mulgrew. “I think that fact only speaks to its sort of undying virtues. I know Jeri [Ryan] loves doing Picard. And I know that all of us — all of us — would love to continue and when the opportunity presents itself, we’ll always do more Star Trek.”

While Mulgrew hasn’t portrayed live-action Captain Janeway in a while, she was able to reprise her role during the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy. In one of the Season 2 episodes, Kathryn Janeway appeared as a hologram and she looked just like she did in the Star Trek: Voyager days.

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It’s all about The Next Generation

Until more news is revealed about Star Trek: Voyager, it looks like Paramount will focus on nostalgia for The Next Generation. Star Trek: Picard will be concluding with its third season and it was revealed that most of the cast from Next Generation will be appearing there. Hopefully, Next Generation fans will get the closure they deserve so Voyager fans can get something.

Paramount also finally confirmed that a fourth Star Trek film in the Chris Pine timeline has been greenlit. This was great news to many since most had assumed that it would be canceled after talks with Pine seemingly went downhill. If no delays happen, we could get Star Trek 4 sometime in December 2023.

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