Cancelled Star Trek reboot director speaks out on the movie’s awesome potential

J.J Abrams' 2009 reboot of Star Trek kicked off a controversial new era of the beloved sci-fi franchise. While some adore Trek's Kelvin timeline and the newer Abrams-style TV shows, others despite the franchise's new direction.

Following the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, the future of the franchise was split. At the time, Paramount was poised to release a follow-up to Beyond and a reboot movie afterwards. Furthermore, Quentin Tarantino was reportedly looking into directing a movie in the franchise. Obviously, none of these movies were released.

Noah Hawley discuses cancelled Star Trek reboot

In an interview with TrekMovie, director Noah Hawley discussed the Trek film he was attached to make. At the time, the film was set to be an entirely original film distanced from previous Captains. However, it's still not revealed if it was part of the original timeline, Kelvin timeline or it’s own timeline.

Hawley's Star Trek reboot was almost ready to start filming. Casting was almost finished, a production schedule was ready and the team was almost about to head to Australia. Then Paramount cancelled the project.

“We were on the runway. There was major casting that we were in the middle of. We had a production schedule and I was getting ready to go to Australia. And then, as you said, new management. I guess in retrospect, what surprised me is not that Emma Watts came in and said, ‘Are you people crazy? This is a this is an untested crew. This is an original idea. We don’t know if this is going to work or not work’. It’s that I got as far as I did. It was a really fun movie and I think it would have been a great film, but you can’t control these things. So we move on.”

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When will there be another movie?

It’s only been five years since the last Star Trek movie released in cinemas. Of course, that doesn't mean Paramount isn't planning on bringing Trek back into cinemas. In fact, the series is expected to return to the big screen in the next few years.

With the success of Star Trek Discovery and Picard, Paramount is going all out on the franchise. While plans for a new movie may have been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic, fans should expect a new film before the decade is up.

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