How to cancel Midjourney subscription

How to cancel Midjourney subscription - Picture of digital microchip lines shaped like a brain
Credit: Midjourney

How to cancel Midjourney subscription - Picture of digital microchip lines shaped like a brain
Credit: Midjourney

Midjourney AI is partially free. While you can create up to 25 images without any cost, beyond that point, a subscription is needed to use Midjourney AI. Recently, many users who are currently subscribed to the service wish to cancel the Midjourney subscription because of several reasons.

Some of the common reasons are copyright issues, legalities, prompt inaccuracies, and slow response. Issues such as "Failed to process your command" and the "waiting to start" error also contributed to the users' decision.

In this article, you’ll know how to cancel your current Midjourney plan. Additionally, you’ll also learn how to manage your Midjourney account – if ever you wanted to renew your plan.

How to cancel your Midjourney subscription easily

Cancelling your Midjourney subscription will only take a few seconds. Keep in mind that you can't cancel your subscription directly from the Midjourney Discord server.

To cancel your Midjourney subscription:

  • Simply go to and log in to your profile.
  • Find the information about your current plan.
  • Hover the cursor over the "manage" button.
  • Just above the "manage" button, click "Cancel Plan".

One of the reasons why many users can’t cancel their Midjourney subscriptions is because of the button’s dark shade. The shade blends with the colour of the website, making it harder for people to see the button.

Why it makes sense to cancel your Midjourney subscription?

If you are concerned about copyright issues and legal problems with using AI art, then you might consider cancelling your Midjourney subscription. You can still use Midjourney’s free version in Discord anyway.

Midjourney is also not the best option if you’re looking for a customized, high-quality image done by a professional. It’s better to pay for tailor-made artwork than spend time generating one prompt after another.

Managing your Midjourney account

It’s easy to manage your Midjourney account, especially if you’ve just purchased a plan. On your profile page, you can see the details about the current plan such as bonuses, rollovers, and specific features.

You can also click the Fast Hours button if you want to buy more convenient hours. These hours are important for fast AI generation based on the prompts used.

Even if you don't have a premium plan, you'd still enjoy the best features of Midjourney. You just need to be patient because Midjourney's free version has lots of users and thousands of generated prompts every hour.

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