Can you use Google Gemini AI for free?

Can you use Google Gemini AI for free? - An image of the logo of Google Gemini

Can you use Google Gemini AI for free? - An image of the logo of Google Gemini

Google Gemini has officially arrived, positioning itself as a formidable competitor to ChatGPT and Copilot. Yet, a prevailing question among those interested in this new AI offering is: Can you use Google Gemini AI for free?

Gemini's competitors, ChatGPT and Copilot, offer free versions. In light of this, it's logical to question whether Gemini also provides a complimentary tier, particularly in the context of staying competitive. But does Gemini indeed follow this trend?

In this guide, we will provide a definitive answer to the question of whether Google Gemini AI can be used for free.

Can you use Google Gemini AI for free?

Yes, you can use the Pro model of the Google Gemini AI for free. However, it is important to note that there are specific limitations in place, including a cap of 60 requests per minute and an approximate limit of 12,288 input tokens.

For those unfamiliar, the term "input token" denotes the maximum quantity of tokens that can be included in a single request. Each token roughly equates to four characters, translating to an estimated range of 7,562 to 9,830 words.

With the free version of Google Gemini AI, you get the capability to generate both text and images, succinctly summarise extensive texts or topics, and get responses to your inquiries with informative and detailed answers.

Google Gemini AI also offers a paid version

Google Gemini has a paid version known as Gemini Advanced, available for a monthly fee of $20 through the Google One AI plan. This advanced model boasts faster performance and improvements over the standard version, along with additional features (see Gemini vs Gemini Advanced).

Google Gemini Advanced is comparable to ChatGPT Plus, specifically targeting professionals who are seeking to significantly streamline their workflow or utilize AI for brainstorming and other comprehensive creative or analytical tasks.

In conclusion, Google Gemini AI provides options for both free and paid versions, catering to the diverse requirements and preferences of its users. If you are contemplating purchasing the paid version, check out if Google One AI is worth buying.

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