Can You Still Poke On Facebook 2022?



If you're a Facebook veteran, you might remember engaging in Facebook poke wars with your friends. But can you still poke on Facebook?

Poke wars were a Facebook tradition where you continuously poke your friends. The winner is decided when the opponent fails to return the poke within one day. This was the case back in the days when Facebook was just a website for sharing photos, writing status updates and connecting with friends.

The tradition has become obsolete when Facebook evolved into a more sophisticated social networking site by introducing more features and functionalities to keep its users engaged. But, is poke still a thing? Let's find out!

Can You Still Poke On Facebook?

Yes, you can still poke on Facebook. Although it is not in common use anymore, it’s not dead. It’s still alive somewhere on Facebook.

Previously, Facebook offered a Poke button (a pointing finger icon, if you don't remember) next to the user's name through which you could ‘poke' that person. But now, Facebook has removed the Poke button from the profile page.

Nowadays, if you would like to poke someone, you will have to go to the Pokes page and search for the person you want to poke. Although it isn't straightforward like it used to be, you can still poke on Facebook.

How To Poke On Facebook

Back in the day, Facebook poke was used to get a person's attention. It was even interpreted as a way of flirting. People can poke their friends or friends of friends on Facebook. If you wish to poke someone on Facebook today, here is what you need to do.

  • When using a web browser, go to while logged in.
  • If you are using the Facebook app, search "pokes," and click on Pokes (a pointing finger icon). Then, you will be taken to the pokes pages where you can search for friends to poke and see who has poked you.

The thing works just like it used to in the past. When you poke someone, they'll get a notification saying so and so has poked you. They can choose to poke you back or just ignore you.

Go ahead, try it yourself and revive Facebook Poke.

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