MultiVersus: Can You Play MultiVersus On Mac?

Bugs Bunny vs Finn the Human - can you play Multiversus on Mac?
Credit: WB Games

Bugs Bunny vs Finn the Human - can you play Multiversus on Mac?
Credit: WB Games

Can you play Mutliversus on Mac? Well, a bit like an old Facebook relationship status, it's complicated. According to the game's website, you can play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and via the Epic Games store.

A look at the listing on the Epic Games store shows that it is listed as a Windows-only game. Which, at first glance, would appear to put paid to those hopes and dreams of playing MultiVersus on your Mac.

But the show isn't quite over. If you're willing to do some work, then there are workarounds that will enable you to play on your Apple computer.

And if you're willing to put in that work, you can then brace yourself for dealing with the MultiVersus connection lost error, or learning about Multiversus mods. Still, it'll be worth it in the end.

How To Play MultiVersus on Mac

As we said in the intro, MultiVersus isn't available for you to simply download onto your Mac and start playing, in the same way that you can on the platforms we listed above.

But there are at least a couple of ways that you can use a Mac and play MultiVersus. We'll explore these next.

Cloud Gaming

The first method we'll look at is also the easiest. Cloud gaming services will allow you to play MultiVersus on your Mac, without you having to do much work at all.

There are several different services out there, but two of the best known are Xbox Cloud Gaming and Boosteroid. And using these means you'll play MultiVersus via a browser, rather than relying on your computer hardware. All the hard work is done on a server farm somewhere. We don't know where. We like to imagine it's upstate, where all the old dogs go.

While you'll likely have to pay a subscription fee to access the service (Xbox Cloud gaming, for instance, requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription) it will, at least, give you access to MultiVersus, and loads of other games as well.

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And using these services is incredibly easy. Simply go to the relevant page via Safari, sign in, and start playing. You can get more detailed guidance on setting up your Mac for Xbox Cloud Gaming here. Or, if you'd prefer to try Boosteroid, you can go here, should you need to.

Boot Camp

For many, using a cloud gaming service will be the perfect way to play MultiVersus on Mac. The second option we'll mention is more complicated, and require you to create a partition on your Mac, using a program called Boot Camp.

If this already sounds too complicated, it's ok. We understand. But we'll explain anyway, so you can make an informed decision.

Boot Camp is a utility that allows you to create a partition on your Mac. You can then run Windows alongside macOS, and switch between the two depending on your needs. It's worth pointing out that this currently only works on older Mac models. If you have an Apple-silicon model - M1 or M2, then Boot Camp won't work.

Assuming you have a suitable Mac, then full instructions from Apple are available, to help you create the partition and install Windows. Once Windows is up and running, you'll then be able to download and play MultiVersus.

And if you do have an M1 or M2 Apple silicon Mac, there is one alternative you can consider: Parallels Desktop is software that will allow you to run Windows on your Mac, and thereby make MultiVersus available for download. This is a subscription service, but a free trial is available, if this is something you want to explore further.

And there you have it. A couple of different ways to make MultiVersus playable on Mac. Cloud gaming will probably be the best solution for most people. But Boot Camp or Parallels could also be a great solution if you would benefit more generally from having access to Windows on your Mac.

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