Can Wireless Headphones work on the Switch Lite?

When it comes to portable devices, wireless headphones are always recommended to pair with them. The Nintendo Switch Lite is no exception even though it has has no built-in Bluetooth features. 

Fortunately, the console has unofficial means to use Bluetooth headphones through third-party devices. Once equipped with these devices, almost every headphones would work on the Switch Lite. 

Making the headphones work on the Switch Lite is also fairly easy;  simply use the usual pairing procedures and it will work.

With this in mind, let's look into whether one can pair wireless headphones to a Switch Lite.

How to use wireless headphones on a Switch Lite 

The Nintendo Switch Lite has less features than the regular Nintendo Switch due to it being placed in the line as a low-cost entry of the product, with an aim for it to be used on the move; which is why it cannot be docked to a television.

However, while third-party controllers can pair to a Switch with no issue, Bluetooth headphones cannot do the same; they require an adapter that's plugged into the Switch for this to work.

As seen on Amazon, there are many options for the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapters. Slot it in to the USB-C port of the Nintendo Switch Lite for example, and the console will be able to connect to a Bluetooth peripheral.

Which wireless headphones to use? 

As long as the wireless headphones can detect the Bluetooth adapter that's attached to the Switch, you will be good to go. Popular picks such as the Apple AirPods are recommended due to its design that allows them to be placed into a pocket, and its battery is second to none.

However, some unexpected issues can happen when pairing Bluetooth headphones to the Nintendo Switch. Low volume for example, or sudden loss of pairing could occur; essentially the adapter is mimicking a peripheral being plugged into the Switch; there have been rare reports of bugs occuring.

While the Switch Pro is still just a rumour, many hope that this process will be incredibly simplified with this new model, and Bluetooth adapters to the Switch models will be a thing of the past.

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