Can I Use 2400 and 3200 RAM together?

Upgrading your RAM from 2400 MHz up to 3200 MHz can be expensive, and many PC builders buy the RAM as single modules then slowly add in the new modules, but some are unsure if their 2400 MHz RAM will work with their 3200 MHz Ram.

Having two different RAM sticks is usually ill-advised, but most gaming PCs will want at least two RAM sticks installed to take advantage of the dual-channel RAM speeds. This means that many gaming PCs may have mismatching RAM modules.

Let's see if using two different RAM sticks, that have different speeds, will hurt your performance!

Can I Use 2400 and 3200 RAM together?

Installing faster RAM alongside your slower RAM may seem like a smart way to increase your RAM capacity, but it does come with some significant drawbacks.

2400 3200 RAM
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These drawbacks include having the faster RAM run at the slower RAM's speed, and this means that while you'll benefit from the RAM capacity increase, you won't benefit from the faster RAM speed.

Different RAM Speeds? Different Capacities?

Having RAM at different speeds will allow your PC to function, but at the cost of the faster RAM sticks running at the same speed as the slowest installed RAM stick.

For a gaming PC that usually has 8 - 16 GB of RAM, getting the fastest RAM possible is the best option. While PCs are utilized in video editing or do 3D rendering, the RAM speed isn't as important. The RAM capacity is, so getting RAM sticks with larger capacities that may have a slower overall speed isn't a horrible option.

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