Play Call Of Duty Warzone like Dr DisRespect: how to match the pro streamer's loadout, set-up, keyboard binds, peripherals, settings and more

If Call Of Duty: Warzone is your favourite Battle Royale, you’ll probably want to know how the Doc plays.

Dr DisRespect is one of the most notorious gamers on Twitch and he has a beastly in-game set-up to match.

The culmination of his loadout, settings, keyboard binds and peripheral set-up contribute to his performance, and if you are really trying to be competitive, you might want to take some tips from the Doc...

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Dr DisRespect Warzone Loadout

Just like Nadeshot and FormaL, Dr DisRespect uses the M4A1 as his primary weapon to help him assert his violence, speed and momentum all over Verdansk. He uses the M4A1 with the Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle, the Stock M16 Grenadier Barrel, the Integral Hybrid Optic Sight, 60 Round Mags and the Merc Foregrip.

Alongside the M4A1, he chooses the MP7 as his trusty sidearm. Attached, he uses the Tactical Suppressor Muzzle, Sleight of Hand, 60 Round Mags and the Commando Foregrip.

In terms of perks, the Doc uses Cold Blooded, Overkill and Amped as well as Frag Grenades and the Heartbeat Sensor for his lethal and tactical equipment.

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Do you use the M4A1?
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Do you use the M4A1?

Dr DisRespect Warzone Keyboard Binds

According to Best Gaming Settings, DrDisRespect uses the following keyboard binds...

  • Move forward: W
  • Move backward: S
  • Move left: A
  • Move right: D
  • Use/Interact: E
  • Jump/Mantle: Space
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl
  • Prone: Z
  • Sprint/Steady Aim: Left shift
  • Change Stance/Slide: Left Ctrl
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • Toggle Firing Mode: B
  • Reload: R
  • Melee/Zoom: V
  • Map: M
  • Inventory: Tab
  • Autorun: H
  • Field Upgrade: X
  • Lethal Equipment: Mouse Button 4
  • Tactical Equipment: Mouse Button 5
  • Use Armour Plate: Q
The keyboard you'll need to play like the Doc.
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The keyboard you'll need to play like the Doc.

Dr DisRespect Warzone Game Settings

These are DrDisRespect’s game settings, according to Best Gaming Settings...

  • DPI: 400
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • Mouse Sensitivity: 9.80
  • ADS Sensitivity: Legacy
  • ADS (Low Zoom): 1.00
  • ADS (High Zoom): 1.00
  • ADS Transitioning Timing: Gradual
  • Mouse Acceleration: 0.00
  • Mouse Smoothing: Disabled
  • Vertical Sens. Multiplier: 1.00
  • Mouse Filtering: 0.00
Does the monitor maketh the man (better at CoD)?
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Does the monitor maketh the man (better at CoD)?

Dr DisRespect Tech Set-Up

According to Pro Settings, the Doc sources his gaming gear from a number of manufacturers.

His monitor is an ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q - a 24.5” display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1920x1080p resolution.

He uses the Roccat Kain 200 Aimo mouse to control his aim on a Roccat Sense Aimo mousepad. 

To control his movement, Dr DisRespect makes the most of a Roccat Vulcan 122 Aimo keyboard, and the Two-Time champion listens for footsteps through the Turtle Beach Atlas Aero headset.

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