Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 now has gyro aiming

call of duty modern warfare 2 now has gyro aiming soldiers running with rifles

call of duty modern warfare 2 now has gyro aiming soldiers running with rifles

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has landed to resounding success in most aspects, and now Season 1 has finally released alongside Warzone 2.0 and the long-fabled DMZ mode. But, tucked away at the bottom of the patch notes for the latest update is a new accessibility feature: gyro aiming.

Nintendo has been a big proponent of gyro aiming since the Wii era, with games like Splatoon leaning heavily on the feature to splat up the map, but with increasing focus on accessibility in modern times, it appears that Activision Blizzard is finally letting players wave their controls around in real life to move their digital crosshairs.

To enable the feature, you need to go into the settings menu, then go into the controller settings, ensure that you change to the advanced tab, and then you'll have the option of turning on gyro features. You can choose how sensitive Modern Warfare 2's in-game aiming is to your inputs, as well as whether gyro is always enabled or just when you ADS.

This option is available on PlayStation consoles, as their standard controllers have gyro sensors in them, and also PC, where you can plug in any controller that support gyro functionality - including a PlayStation controller like the DualSense. Unfortunately, gyro aiming is not supported on Xbox console because Microsoft's wireless controller does not have any gyro functionality whatsoever.

Aiming with motion controls in a Call of Duty game harkens back to the days of the Nintendo Wii, which saw numerous releases of the shooting game able to be controlled by the Wii Remote. Those were certainly darker days.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a bonus for players across the globe who might not be able to play the game otherwise and it comes with no downsides for those who want to keep playing with standard controls (set to bumper jumper tactical, of course).

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