California start-up Nex is reviving Nintendo Wii style games on your TV

california start-up Nex is reviving wii style games - the next playground in a ballpit

california start-up Nex is reviving wii style games - the next playground in a ballpit

Do you have fond memories of your grandma exclaiming how amazing bowling in Wii Sports was in the mid-2000s? You better prepare to relive those days, then, because living room sports are back, baby.

California start-up Nex has developed a motion tracking camera that attaches to your TV and allows you access to a host of motion-based games. Called 'Playground', the system is a small cube that is power by a USB-C and connects via HDMI.

It's a similar concept to Microsoft's Kinect, but it doesn't require game consoles or discs with wires running all over the place to play.

Nex has developed over 20 games for the system too, including family games, arcade games, and more. You will get a few of these games when you buy the system, but to access the whole library, you'll need to subscribe to Nex's Play Pass.

At $89 for the annual subscription, you get access to all current and future Nex titles. While that is quite steep on top of the $199.99 retail price, the West Coast company promises no ads or in-app purchases will be required.

Nex is also teaming up with Sky, Sony and Telly to bring their service to compatible TV operating systems like Google TV. In this configuration, Nex will use compatible cameras like the Bravia Cam to allow their motion-tracking system be utilised for all kinds of apps, from fitness to interactive films and beyond.

We're excited to see what Nex can bring to the AV market in the coming months, but one thing is for sure: we can't wait to jump around our living rooms beating our elderly relatives at sports games again.

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