When do likes reset on Bumble?

Bumble likes reset time - An image of the Bumble app on a phone

Bumble likes reset time - An image of the Bumble app on a phone

A question many users of Bumble find themselves asking is: When do likes reset on Bumble, and what exactly is the reset time for these likes?

Bumble has a daily swipe limit to encourage thoughtful selection. Once you've reached this limit, the app requires you to wait for a designated period before your swipes reset. Understanding precisely when this reset occurs can help you optimise your swiping strategy.

In this guide, we'll delve into the specifics of when and how your likes reset on Bumble, including examples for a clearer understanding.

When do likes reset on Bumble?

The reset time for likes on Bumble follows a 24-hour cycle, specific to each individual like you make. To put it simply, a like will become available again precisely 24 hours after you initially used it.

Here are some examples to illustrate how this works:

  • If you made your first like at 10 AM on a Tuesday, that specific like will reset at 10 AM on Wednesday.
  • Suppose you like another profile at 4 PM on the same Tuesday. This like will then reset at 4 PM on Wednesday, independent of the first like you used at 10 AM.

In summary, Bumble does not reset all likes at one specific time. Instead, each like is on its own 24-hour reset timer, counting from the time it was made. This method ensures a steady and personalized reset schedule for each user's actions.

How to bypass the swipe limit

To bypass the swipe limit, there are a couple of options, but they typically involve upgrading to a paid subscription. Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscription offers unlimited likes, allowing you to continue swiping without hitting a limit.

If you prefer not to upgrade, the only other option is to wait for the 24-hour period to lapse for each like you've used. Once the 24 hours are up from the time you swiped right on a profile, that like will reset, and you can use it again.

With that, we've covered all the essential information about the like reset time on Bumble. We hope this guide has not only satisfied your curiosity but also resolved any uncertainties you may have had regarding this aspect of the app.

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