Bugsnax is back: Prepare to be earwormed again by the fresh trailer revealing gameplay and plot points!

After taking the internet by storm when revealed in the previous State of Play event, Bugsnax re-emerged with another memorable trailer in the latest PlayStation event in early August.

The trailer gave further details about the premise of Bugsnax and showed off new gameplay footage for the first time.

Here's what we saw of Bugsnax, slated for release in the Holiday 2020 season, in its latest trailer!

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Bugsnax trailer reveals basic story details

In Bugsnax, you take the role of a journalist working for GNN investigating the island of Bugsnax.

While the islanders and Bugsnax appear harmless at first, the trailer takes a rather dark turn towards the end.

A larger pizza-based Bugsnax is shown flying through the sky, before the player falls off a wooden bridge, hinting at the more sinister side of Bugsnax teased in the first trailer.

Bugsnax trailer shows off gameplay elements

While we already knew Bugsnax would likely revolve around catching these food-based beasts, the latest trailer gave us an insight into how this works.

Players are given a plethora of tools and traps to catch the Bugsnax, including a camera, laser pointer, tripwire and slingshot.

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