Breakroom app with free demo offers 3D virtual offices for working from home

A company called Sine Wave Entertainment has revealed a new service named Breakroom, which allows colleagues to gather in 3D virtual environments for meetings and social interactions.

Since so many of us are working from home to stop the spread of Coronavirus, Breakroom could be a great way to keep your workplace connected - it certainly looks a bit nicer than a generic conference call on Slack, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We're always open to cool new software here at Stealth Optional, so here's everything you need to know about Breakroom.

What is Breakroom?

Breakroom is described as "the 3D social hub for remote teams who want an online, immersive space to meet, team build, organise events, and host meetings."

The official announcement mentions that Breakroom "combines video conferencing, meeting rooms, casual games, live events, and multi-player hangouts."

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Breakroom is currently available to download on Windows PC, Mac, Android and VR devices. An iOS release is in the pipeline.

If you watch the Breakroom trailer below, you'll get an idea of how cute these virtual workplaces can be. And there are cool customisation options for your avatar too!

Breakroom features that could help you WFH

Breakroom allows you to host meetings and have conversations in virtual environments, with several eye-pleasing spaces to choose from.

You can showcase presentations in Breakroom, as well as creating a custom virtual workplace that features your company's branding.

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Breakroom also offers the ability to create shared social spaces where colleagues can gather for casual watercooler chats.

There are games within Breakroom, too, including some fairground-style activities and a rudimentary first-person shooter with quirky alien opponents.

There are also live-music events that will take place in the evening, giving your team another chance to hang out together.

Doesn't this look better than a faceless Slack call?
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Doesn't this look better than a faceless Slack call?

Breakroom price, demo and more details

If you're tempted to get involved, Sine Wave Entertainment claims it can have your virtual office up and running within a week.

If you head over to the official website, you can request a call from the team and arrange a free demo for Breakroom today.

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In terms of pricing, a 50-person plan currently costs $500 USD per month, which translates into GBP at just over £405. Additional 'seats' on top of that 50 are priced at $10 per month (which is just over £8).

It also says on the official website that state and public schools can use Breakroom for free, which is a very nice touch.

Only time will tell if Breakroom catches on, but it's certainly a great idea to bring to market at the moment. Breakroom makes the other popular options for WFH interactions look very impersonal, doesn't it?

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