Brands continue to back The Metaverse as the next great thing despite mass hatred

The virtual world of The Metaverse is almost universally hated by the majority of people. While some look forward to “The Singularity”, many are uninterested in a fully virtual world. However, a large number of brands funnelling money into The Metaverse are still backing the tech.

Brands back The Metaverse

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that a considerable number of brands are still hyped on the Metaverse. As a second internet to exploit, the virtual world has the potential to be a great source of revenue.

However, the general public has remained greatly uninterested. As virtual world pitches push towards VR interaction, many are put off by the closed-in tech, no matter how immersive it is. Furthermore, the recent look at Mark Zuckerberg’s underwhelming Metaverse visuals have turned the tech into a laughing stock.

Nevertheless, the brands push on. Furthermore, they’re also banking on Zuckerberg’s service to be the most popular. This means that companies will be relying on Meta’s Horizon Worlds for advertising and representation, just like they relied on Facebook.

In the article, professor Ethan Zuckerman explained that the simple, bland aesthetic of Meta’s Metaverse is exactly what brands want. The gentrified, soulless, gutted-Pixar look is apparently what’s needed.

"If I'm Zuckerberg, and I'm trying to get to a billion users, I'm saying, 'It's got to be simple,'” said. "They're trading visual appeal for the ability to create."

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People just don’t get it

While Zuckerman’s statement is rather preachy, it’s far behind the statements given by brands. With Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse project being a very exploitable platform for corporations, they’re gathering to protect the service.

In one instance, Puma chief brand officer Adam Petrick explained that the Metaverse is supposed to be bad. In a bizarre defence, the corporate mouthpiece claimed that consumers are asking for too much.

"Is it going to be better than the best games out there?" He asked. "No, it's not. But it's not meant to be."

Brands are going to be very reliant on The Metaverse for marketing products. However, unless the virtual world becomes Ready Player One-like, it seems that the general public is still not interested.

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