Bored Ape NFTs reveal first game, and it looks like caca

An image from the Bored Ape NFTs video game Dookey Dash

An image from the Bored Ape NFTs video game Dookey Dash

Despite multiple crypto crashes and a complete lack of interest in cryptoart, NFTs are unfortunately still here. In a surprise reveal, Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club has revealed its first official game, and it looks like absolute tish.

The Bored Ape NFTs are the most popular brand of cryptoart. Celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton have pushed the ugly monkey pictures on live TV, leading to a massive lawsuit to protect customers.

Nevertheless, the poor apes are still desperately clinging to the branches of life. In an attempt to stay relevant, the multi-million-dollar-per-image NFT brand is releasing its first video game: Dookey Dash.

In typical gross out, Toxic Magazine fashion, the Bored Ape video game is themed around crap, doodey, caca. The game’s juvenile premise tasks you with hopping down an endless sewer, collecting power ups and surviving as long as possible. Yes, it’s just an endless runner.

However, it’s not enough to just release an endless runner based on the internet’s most hated monkeys. Instead, the game also has a complicated access system as well as leaderboards that let you win more useless NFTs.

To access the game, you’ll need to own either a Sewer Pass. Those who own a Bored Ape or Mutant Ape NFT will get access for free, but the pass is purchasable without owning one of the gross crypto images. Furthermore, owning one of the NFTs as well as a dog NFT will give you more bonuses. It’s pay-to-win on a million-dollar scale.

Whoever manages to get the highest score while the game is active will win a one-of-a-kind key. In the lore of the Bored Ape Yacht Club series, this key is lodged firmly up a primate’s anus. But if you want, it can be yours!

The overly complicated NFT game starts on January 18th. After a short period, the game will end and no one else will be able to get the monkey-butt-key. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Via CryptoSlam, the video game launch has caused an uptick in sale prices of the ugly NFTs. Mutant Ape NFTs are now up 124%, Bored Apes shot up by 171% and Kennel Club NFTs are up by 134%.

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