Blade Runner 2033 has you investigate a cyberpunk dystopia to hunt rogue replicants

blade runner 2033 investigate cyberpunk dystopia without replicants
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

blade runner 2033 investigate cyberpunk dystopia without replicants
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Annapurna Interactive's upcoming Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth is a new game set in Ridley Scott's acclaimed movie universe. Taking place a year after the first film but over a decade before 2049, this intriguing-looking game might even give Deckard some closure, assuming he even appears in the game.

The game was revealed via a cinematic trailer, so we can’t exactly deduce the gameplay just yet. Should the trailer and previous games be any indication, this will likely be another really fun detective title in a Cyberpunk universe.

Fans of the films don’t have a lot to go on, as Blade Runner’s ID was blurred but we do get a tease for “Land of the Dead.” The trailer does give a slight glimpse at what appears to be an early version of the memory crafting system from the series' beloved sequel movie. If anything, this game should be good for some world-building before the release of Amazon's upcoming TV series.

Blade Runner 2033 is set after The Blackout, an event that caused every electronic device to shut down. As a Blade Runner, you're tasked with finding rogue replicants hidden within a city still recovering from the events of this world-changing attack. If you're a fan of Ridley Scott's dystopian universe, then this is certainly dripping with new and enticing lore.

What makes Blade Runner 2033 more interesting than most licensed games is that Annapurna Interactive will be developing it. Prior to this, the company gained a reputation for publishing indie hits like Donu Country, Outer Wilds, and everyone’s favourite game Cyberpunk Cat Simulator Stray.

Prior to this, the last Blade Runner game we got was Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. This was a remaster of the 1997 point-and-click adventure game, which many fans still enjoy. If this new game can have the same amount of intrigue, it should also be a hit.

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At the time of writing, Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth doesn’t have a release date yet. No systems have been revealed either, though PC and current-gen consoles are a pretty safe bet.

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