Blade and Sorcery PSVR 2 Port May Never Happen

The Blade and Sorcery keyart wearing a PSVR 2 headset

The Blade and Sorcery keyart wearing a PSVR 2 headset

PlayStation VR users have been waiting for years for any version of Blade and Sorcery on PS4 or PS5, but developer Warpfrog doesn’t know if a port of the game is possible. While the PSVR 2 hardware offers a great platform for the game, Sony’s walled-garden approach to software may be the biggest barrier to bringing the full experience to PSVR gamers.

In a huge interview with StealthOptional, Warpfrog figurehead The Baron revealed that the studio hasn’t been given access to a PSVR 2 dev kit. Despite being one of the biggest and best VR games in existence, Warpfrog has not been given access to Sony’s hardware to create a port of its game on the PS5 headset.

Furthermore, with Blade and Sorcery already split into multiple versions—including the standalone Nomad spin-off on Quest—a new PlayStation version could spread the team too thin.

“This is on the ‘we will see’ list because we need to actually invest time into investigating this port and get hold of a devkit, etc,” The Baron told StealthOptional. “At the moment, we are so tied up with PCVR, and soon it will be the all-consuming Nomad port."

Alongside the lack of a devkit for the team, Warpfrog’s biggest concern is that mods on PlayStation wouldn’t be as free as they are on PC and Quest. With games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Edition restricting the addition of new assets, a Blade and Sorcery PSVR port would likely not allow you to experience the best Blade and Sorcery mods.

“One huge question mark however would be about mods,” The Baron said to StealthOptional. “I have no clue how we would approach this, so we would need to sit down and think of a plan, unless the PSVR2 version was to not have mods, but that would be sad."

There is still hope that a PlayStation 5 version of Blade and Sorcery can release one day, although it seems that Sony may have to offer support to bring the game to PlayStation gamers.

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