Best Xbox Games 2021: The HUGE Xbox Series X/S games you won't want to miss next year

Sure, the Xbox Series X and Series S have only just come out, and sure, most people can't get their hands on them yet, but that doesn't mean we can't start looking ahead.

2020 was the year that the consoles launched, but we're expecting 2021 to be the one where they start to make themselves feel important.

So, we're taking a look at the most exciting games that we're hoping to see next year.

Join us as we hope for the best and pray for no more delays and also no more crunch.

Halo Infinite

Look, it's Halo, but infinite. That's gotta be a good thing, right? Well, we've no idea if it will actually release next year, though it should apparently, we're excited for it anyway. A next-gen Halo is definitely worth being excited for, and it's hard to imagine a game that feels more Xbox than the one with good old Master Chief in it.

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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Daedalic Entertainment, the people behind this, do a lot of good work. However, it's still hard to imagine what exactly a game where you play as everyone's favourite loincloth wearing weirdo is going be like, we're still quite looking forward to finding out.

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What if, and hear us out here, you could play as a spaceship. We don't mean as a pilot controlling one, we mean one where you get to play as one that's alive. Well, this could well be the game for you if that's what you want, and it promises space combat for days.

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Fable 4

Chances are this isn't coming next year, but we want it, so we're trying to will it into existence here. The Fable series has always been fascinating, even if it hasn't always been good. Well, this one comes from the people behind the Forze series, and honestly, we can't wait to see it.

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Everwild is the next game from Rare, and we're always interested in what they're doing. Set in a magical world with a beautiful art style, Everwild could be one of those games that takes the entire world by storm and help us all chill out a bit.

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