Best standing desk frame 2023 - Our top picks for home offices

best standing desk frame

best standing desk frame

If you're looking for the best standing desk frame, we've got you covered right here.

Building your own standing desk using a frame is arguably one of the best ways to allow you to build the most comfortable and personal setup. This is because they can offer more flexibility than standard pre-built standing desks or the best standing desk converters.

Although standing desk frames can be more expensive than pre-builts, people may have very specific requirements for what they want their desk to be like. Therefore, building it themselves may be the only way to guarantee those requirements are met.

We've taken a look at what's available on the market today that aligns with what we think makes an excellent standing desk frame, and selected a number of options based on everything from specs to reviews.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best standing desk frame out there today.

Best Standing Desk Frame

Best All-Round Standing Desk Frame -HaiaOjia Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame

best standing desk frame all-rounder
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Credit: HaiaOjia
Brand: HaiaOjia | Height Adjustment: 27.1 to 45.2 inches | Max Lifting Capacity: 270lbs

The HaiaOjia Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame should be a great all-rounder if you're after a standing desk frame.

It should be suitable for desks up to 90 inches long and 44 inches wide, with it also being width adjustable to help accommodate the desk you choose. In addition, the scope for height adjustment here is decent with a total scope from 27.1 to 45.2 inches high.

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The HaiaOjia Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame should also be rather sturdy, with industrial steel construction that provides a max lifting capacity of 270lbs. And, luckily, if you do happen to go over this, the desk has an overload protection program that will stop the desk from moving.

This is also a twin-motor desk, resulting in a quiet operation with a quick rising speed of 1.57 inches per second.

Best Premium Standing Desk Frame - iMovR Lander DIY Standing Desk Base Frame Kit

best standing desk frame premium
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Credit: iMovR
Brand: iMovR | Height Adjustment: 24.5 inches –50.5 inches | Max Lifting Capacity: 365lbs

If you're looking for a truly premium standing desk frame, the iMovR Lander looks to be a fantastic choice.

With it, you get a heavy-duty lift capacity of 365lbs, as well as a quick lift speed of 1.6 inches per second, and what appear to be relatively quiet motors.

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The iMovR Lander also has an added 6-inch leg extension kit so you can take the top-end height up to a rather high 56 inches, meaning this desk should be able to comfortably accommodate even the tallest of users.

In addition, the height control paddle here has a high-res display and can also be controlled via Bluetooth with smartphone connectivity, which is hi-tech. With it, you can set up four preset heights per user, as well as set reminders with the desk's built-in 'health coach' that'll remind you when it's time to stand.

Best Mid-Range Standing Desk Frame - UPLIFT Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

best standing desk frame mid-range
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Credit: UPLIFT
Brand: UPLIFT | Height Adjustment: 23.75 inches to 49.5 inches | Max Lifting Capacity: 355lbs

The UPLIFT Adjustable Standing Desk Frame looks to be a rather handy mid-range choice out there.

It supports a wide range of desktop sizes, ranging from 42-80 inches, so you can be sure to fit this frame into your setup, whether you're working in a more compact space, or you've got all the width in the world.

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The UPLIFT Adjustable Standing Desk Frame also features a good range of height adjustment, ranging from 23.75 inches to 49.5, meaning users tall and small can get the best out of it.

In addition, it also features a one-touch digital memory keypad for adjustment that can also save preset heights, so you won't have to worry about getting it just right every time you use the desk.

Best Value Standing Desk Frame - Vivo Single Motor Compact Electric Standing Desk Frame

best standing desk frame value
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Credit: VIVO
Brand: Vivo | Height Adjustment: 28.6 to 47.6 inches | Max Lifting Capacity: 176lbs
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The Vivo Single Motor Compact Electric Standing Desk Frame looks to be a fantastic value-for-money choice for a standing desk frame.

Height adjustment here is pretty good, with a range between 28.6 to 47.6 inches, meaning it'll accommodate most users, and Vivo states it's compatible with tabletops up to 75 inches in length, which is handy.

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This Vivo frame is comprised of strong steel and features a max weight of 176lbs. That may not be the highest by comparison to some more premium options but should suffice for most people. This sturdy frame also comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can be sure this desk frame will last.

It is a single motor desk, as opposed to a dual one, but height regulation is still quick enough at a rate of one inch per second, so you shouldn't be waiting too long for this desk to move.

Best L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame - VwinDesk VJ301 L Shaped Standing Desk Frame

best standing desk converter l-shaped
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Credit: VwinDesk
Brand: VwinDesk | Height Adjustment: 23.6 to 49.2 inches | Max Lifting Capacity: 360lbs

L-shaped desks are a rather handy choice if you've got a lot of space on your hands, and the VwinDesk VJ301 looks to be an excellent option for those wanting a standing desk frame to fit in an L-shaped gap.

This frame is suitable for desktops up to 80 inches long, making it rather wide, and its height adjustment range of 23.6 and 49.2 inches also means you've got quite a large scope.

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In addition, the fact the VwinDesk VJ301 features a triple motor setup means this features an immense lifting capacity of 360lbs, which should be enough to handle basically any desk setup.

There's also a handy child lock button which prevents children from using the control panel, as well as an overload protection function that stops the desk if it senses that the weight limit has been exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a standing desk frame worth it?

Everyone working at a desk has asked themself the same question. Fortunately for you, we've already looked into the pros and cons of using a standing desk.

Though you don't need to always be standing, giving yourself the freedom to both sit and stand could have plenty of benefits, especially in a workplace of varying heights.

If you're someone with specific requirements, then building a desk is also likely to be the best way to meet them.

How much should I spend on a standing desk frame?

If you're wanting a more affordable or mid-range choice, then spending between $250 and $500 is likely to get you a handy option that'll be able to support your setup and offer you good scope for adjustment.

For those with a more premium construction with higher weight limits and possibly faster adjustment speeds, these can run up from $800 upwards, with some costing up to $1500.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a standing desk?

Truth be told, it's cheaper to buy one, given the vast array of excellent affordable standing desks out there these days.

A premium pre-built desk is likely to cost you up to around $900, which, if you wanted to build one, would only get you a frame. The actual tabletop would cost extra, of course.

Fundamentally though, the extra pennies to build a standing desk is likely to be a price worth paying if you've got very specific requirements as to what you need out of a standing desk and a custom job is the only way to meet them.

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