Best Smartwatch Under 50 2022: Our Top Picks For Cheap Smartwatches

Grabbing the best smartwatch under 50 is likely to be an excellent investment if you're on a budget and you want to try out the benefits of a smart wearable.

Smartwatches can come in all shapes and sizes, and also in a range of costs, too. It's gotten to a point where, after years of them being available, you can get some feature-packed options for a bargain price.

They may not have all the sensors that the more expensive options have, but there's still a lot to love about budget smartwatches and fitness trackers. You'll want to keep an eye out for the quantity of sports modes they have, so you know what sport you can do while wearing your watch.

In addition, some may come with sleep tracking functionality so you can keep an eye on your shuteye, as well as offering the ability for you to check blood pressure and blood oxygen levels for the sake of general wellness, which is always important.

We've taken a look at what's available on the market today that aligns with what we think makes an excellent smartwatch under 50, and selected a number of options based on everything from specs to reviews.

So, let’s get to it – here are some recommendations for the best smartwatch under 50 out there today.

Best Smartwatch Under 50

Best Smartwatch Under 50 For Features - Amazfit Bip S Lite

best smartwatch under 50 for features
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Credit: Amazfit
Brand: Amazfit | No. Of Sports Modes: 14 | Water Resistance: 5ATM | Battery Life: Up to 30 days

The Amazfit Bip S Lite looks to be a great all-round choice for those after a decent smartwatch on a budget.

With it, you'll be gettting a fair amount of features, including an always on display, and a smartwatch that's generally also rather lightweight at just 30g band included, which means it should be pretty comfortable.

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Alongside this, the Amazfit Bip S Lite also has 5ATM water resistance, as well as 14 different sport modes, offering you access to data such as running speed, heart rate and reminders of distance, which is handy.

Amazfit says this smartwatch will last for up to 30 days on a single charge, which is fantastic, and should provide a fair bit of peace of mind.

Best Smartwatch Under 50 For Design- UMIDIGI Smart Watch

best smart watch under 50 for design
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Brand: UMIDIGI | No. Of Sports Modes: 14 | Water Resistance: 5ATM | Battery Life: Up to 15 days

If it's good looks you're after, the UMIDIGI Smart Watch certainly should be rather sleek.

This comes thanks to the aluminium alloy composition on the case, and for the sake of customisation, you can also choose between over 100 watch faces within the bundled app, so you've got loads of choice as to what to go for.

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In addition, with the UMIDIGI Smart Watch, you also get access to 14 sport modes that measures things such as calorie consumption, heart rate, and distance covered. For those out and about, there's also GPS tracking.

There are sensors galore here, including those for heart rate and sleep monitoring, and for the 3S model, you also get access to a SpO2 monitor. This measures oxygen levels in your blood for the sake of wellness.

Best Smartwatch Under 50 For Fitness - MuGo Smart Watch

best smartwatch under 50 for fitness
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Credit: MuGo
Brand: MuGo | No. Of Sports Modes: 24 | Water Resistance: IP67 | Battery Life: Up to 5 days

The MuGo Smart Watch should be a marvellous option for those wanting a rather capable fitness tracker.

This comes courtesy of the total 24 sport modes, including ones for specific activities ranging from running to tennis and baseball to rugby. Within these, they can also track your step count, distance and calories burned, too.

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In addition, the MuGo Smart Watch is also IP67 resistant, which means that it's both dust tight and can be submerged in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes, although the brand recommends limiting you to water below 40 degrees Celsius.

There's also a companion app to go with this smartwatch, namely the GloryFit app, that allows you to connect your smartwatch to a phone and receive notifications for calls, as well as app-specific ones and SMS messages. You can also access control of your music, as well as stopwatch functionality and an alarm clock.

Best Smartwatch Under 50 For Battery Life - SoundPEATS Smart Watch

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best smartwatch under 50 for battery life
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Credit: SoundPEATS
Brand: SoundPEATS | No. Of Sports Modes: 12 | Water Resistance: IP68 | Battery Life: Up to 10 days

If it's great battery life you're after, look no further than the SoundPEATS Smart Watch should be a fantastic choice.

This particular smartwatch offers up a 260mAh battery, which should be good to last for up to ten days with a single 2 hour charge, giving you over a week's solid use before you'll need to think about plugging it in again.

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The SoundBEATS Smart Watch also has 12 sport modes and can record metrics such as steps, distance walked, calories burned and your heart rate, offering a plethora of stats for you to take note of when you're out and about.

Moreover, this watch is also a handy sleep tracker, taking note of your sleep activity, including duration of deep sleep, light sleep, and how long you'll have been awake, all of which can be viewed within the bundled app.

Best All-Round Smartwatch Under 50 - ASIAMENG Fitness Tracker Watch

best smartwatch under 50 all-round
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Brand: ASIAMENG | No. Of Sports Modes: 9 | Water Resistance: IP68 | Battery Life: Up to 7 days

If it's a handy all-round smart watch you're looking for, the ASIAMENG Fitness Tracker Watch should be a useful option.

There are nine exercise modes supported here, as well as general tracking for step count, walking distance, and calories burned, to offer a decent set of metrics for you to take note of when you're out and about.

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In addition, the ASIAMENG Fitness Tracker Watch can also track your blood pleasure and blood oxygen levels (SpO2) natively, which is especially handy, and can also act as a useful sleep tracker, too.

You'll also find this smartwatch has some decent battery life, with a 2 hour charge offering up to 7 days' use, and it's also IP68 water rated, meaning you can take it almost anywhere in water, and it'll still work just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a smartwatch under 50 worth it?

We'd say that a smartwatch under 50 is worth it if you're after an affordable way of keeping track of fitness while also getting the convenience of a smartwatch bundled in.

They may not have the same extensive functionality as more expensive options, for doing the basics well with a decent selection of sports modes, a good screen and battery life, you can't go wrong with a smartwatch under 50.

What's the difference between a cheap and expensive smartwatch?

Generally speaking, the most noticeable thing first off is going to be build quality and comfort. More expensive smartwatches are likely to be comprised of more premium materials and may well offer higher quality straps, too.

In addition, you may well get more options in terms of sensors and metrics, such as an ECG and a gyroscope, for instance, and they may well also offer a better quality screen that may also be a larger panel.

Should I sleep with my smartwatch?

To take advantage of the powers of a smartwatch's sleep tracking, it's advisable to sleep with your smartwatch on. With it, you'll get access to metrics such as the length of time you slept for, as well as how that time was split between light and deep sleep, and for how long you were awake, for instance.

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