Best smart home gifts 2023

A black Amazon Echo 8 on a wide table top with "Sunset Vibes" song playing on the display.
Credit: Amazon

A black Amazon Echo 8 on a wide table top with "Sunset Vibes" song playing on the display.
Credit: Amazon

The best smart home gifts offer a chance to enhance your own living space or that of a loved one by integrating the latest technological conveniences. An array of smart devices exists, streamlining life, and when several are combined, they often harmonise to make daily routines more efficient.

With so many options available though, determining the most suitable ones, and those that make for the best presents, can be challenging. That's why we've stepped in to create a list of top gift ideas for anyone looking to upgrade their smart home across various categories.

We've selected products, from smart lights to video doorbells and even excellent TVs, that cover all bases, all of which excel in terms of price, features, and reviews. Let's dive in so you can kickstart your shopping experience.

Best smart home gift ideas

  1. Echo Show 8 - The ideal smart assistant
  2. Echo Pop - A great gift for anyone needing new speakers
  3. Govee Smart Bulbs - Lighten up your home a little smarter
  4. eufy Security SoloCam S220 - Keep your smart home secure
  5. Proscenic Smart Lock - Then secure it even more
  6. Kasa Smart Plugs - Control power-usage from afar
  7. Toshiba 65-Inch C350 TV - For streaming and watching awesome shows
  8. Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum - Making cleaning even easier
  9. Google Nest Doorbell - Know who's knocking without opening the door
  10. ecobee Smart Thermostat With Sensors - Control temperatures with ease
Echo Show 8 product image of a black Amazon assistant with Netflix and Prime app logos on the display.
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Credit: Amazon

1. Echo Show 8

Best smart home gift overall

Our pick for the best smart home gift around is the Echo Show 8. While smart speakers are a popular choice, a smart screen coupled with a virtual assistant offers far more versatility.

Not only can you issue commands and manage your smart devices, but you can also indulge in a wealth of possibilities: streaming music, setting alarms, and even accessing YouTube for cooking tutorials or workout routines. Its voice-controlled interface makes it the quintessential smart home companion to gift this season.

Echo Pop product image of a circular black speaker with a blue light at the top.
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Credit: Amazon

2. Echo Pop

Best smart home speaker

If you do want a speaker though, the Echo Pop is a great choice for those who want to dabble in smart home technology without spending too much.

Its compact size means it can seamlessly fit into any home, but its size doesn't mean it's void of features. With voice activation, for example, you can effortlessly control other smart devices, groove to your favourite tunes, get instant answers to your burning questions, and even set alarms or reminders.

Ultimately, it's a great little device to have by the side of your bed, or give as a gift for a loved one instead.

Govee Smart Bulbs product image of four bulbs in a row emitting purple, blue, and orange light.
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Credit: Govee

3. Govee Smart Bulbs

Best smart home lights

Smart bulbs are a cool way to introduce smart home technology into a space, with the Govee Smart Bulbs being a great option to consider as a gift.

You can control these lights with ease using the app or and smart assistants, meaning you can turn off the lights from your bed, and you can alter the colours and when exactly they come on too.

They're also pretty good value, as they come in a pack of two or four in this instance, but also rank as some of the best you can buy if you want to completely change the vibe of a room without breaking the bank.

eufy Security SoloCam S220 product image of a white and black mountable security camera.
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Credit: eufy

4. eufy Security SoloCam S220

Best smart home security camera

Security cameras can help people feel a lot safer at home. A smart security camera, however, is a step up. The eufy Security SoloCam S220 is a great example of this as, alongside its great features, it's solar-powered, making it a lot more cost-efficient in the long run.

Feature-wise, this camera has 2K resolution, no monthly fee, great infrared night vision, is easy to install, and can even alert you when it detects a human being, which is good for deliveries, family members, or just security purposes.

Prosenic Smart Lock product image of a digital black door handle featuring a number pad to enter.
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Credit: Proscenic

5. Proscenic Smart Lock

Best smart home lock

Smart locks can be a huge boon for your home or office. That's because they allow you a lot more flexibility with how people enter the building, meaning you can give out things like temporary passcodes for guests or visitors, all while keeping unwanted intruders out.

Plus, this Proscennic Smart Lock also allows you to use fingerprint entry, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unlocking, and an IC card too. It's just very convenient, saving you or a loved one time instread of fumbling with keys trying to get in a front door.

A white and turquoise box with an image of four white smart plugs on the front.
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Credit: Kasa
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6. Kasa Smart Plugs

Best smart home plugs

Smart plugs are genuinely one of the best smart home gifts you can give or get because they allow any device in your home to become a little more intelligent. They can be programmed with timers or controlled from afar, and allow you to turn things on and off with ease.

This means you can set timers to turn on a heater just before you get home, or to turn off your TV when you leave for work. They're not too pricey either, and these Kasa Smart Plugs even work with most smart assistants, giving you complete control of you or a loved one's home power usage.

Toshiba C350 product image of a black TV with white branding on the display.
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Credit: Toshiba

7. Toshiba 65-Inch C350

Best smart home TV

It's hard to beat a smart TV because the convenience they offer in our modern-day world full of streaming services is unrivalled. After all, they make it easy to access all of your services in one place.

This Toshiba Smart TV stands out, in particular, because it includes the ability to connect with other Alexa devices, has a low-latency gaming mode, which is great for consoles, and has 4K resolution. It offers superb visuals, as a result, all without costing too much - another reason why it's such a great gift.

A circular white and black robot vacuum connected to its dock
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Credit: Shark

8. Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum

Best smart home robot vacuum

Vacuuming is the worst, but thankfully you do not have to do it if you can afford this awesome Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum. It doesn't actually have a shark's brain though; it's just made by the company that makes really good vacuums.

This robot vacuum can map out a home to find the dirtiest parts, it works well on every floor type, and it can even deal with pet hair as well. Plus, it has a 60-day capacity, and you can control it with your own voice, or the voice of the person you're gifting it too this year.

Google Nest product image of a rectangular grey with a black camera at the top.
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Credit: Google

9. Google Nest Doorbell

Best smart home doorbell

Nobody wants to answer the door, only to find out that it's some version of a person they don't want to talk to. The easiest way to avoid that is with a smart video doorbell.

The Google Nest Doorbell is especially smart, and this version is completely wireless too, making it a lot easier to install. Alongside letting you see who's knocking at your door, it also has night vision, and the ability to talk to any potential guest waiting to be let in too. Therefore, if you know someone without a smart doorbell these days, consider gifting them this Google Nest.

ecobee Smart Thermostat product image of a white and black thermostat with the temperature set to 72 on the digital display.
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Credit: ecobee

10. ecobee Smart Thermostat With Sensors

Best smart home thermostat

Smart thermostats can be an amazing way to keep any home at the perfect temperature while also saving on power, and that means saving money too. That's because the owner can control all heaters in their home, making it far more flexible, and it also means you can lower the temperature when you go out remotely.

Plus, this one comes with two smart sensors, which makes the whole thing even more efficient. This is an excellent gift for any smart home or anyone who wants to save money, which is probably the vast majority of us.

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