Best Rimworld mods

Best mods for Rimworld
Credit: u/Jo_seef on Reddit

Best mods for Rimworld
Credit: u/Jo_seef on Reddit

Why play Rimworld the same way every day when you can spice up your playthroughs with new and improved mechanics? Thanks to the hardworking modding community, some of the best Rimworld mods can transform this rogue-like colony-builder game with bountiful improvements!

From quality-of-life tweaks and new gameplay features to customizing colonists- mods can do it all. But which ones are best for adding overall in-game efficiency? We've curated a list of the best mods for Rimworld to tweak your gaming experience with a more immersive colony management simulation. Let's check them out.

1. Hospitality: Best Rimworld Mod for Farming Reputation

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Credit: u/Lugia999 on Reddit
Hospitality mod for Rimworld

Why let visitors and guests wander around aimlessly in your colony when you can put them to use? Visitors have little to no purpose other than occasionally bringing you loot, staying around, or initiating infrequent trades.

Thankfully, with the Hospitality Rimworld mod, you can add more purpose to their visits by making comfortable accommodations for their stay. With this mod, you can build guest rooms and earn money to modify your colony more.

The Hospitality mod also lets you open hotels, recruit people for work, and set up shopping complexes for clothes, medicines, etc. As for the hotels, earn big by charging for beds and creating bathrooms and other comfort zones for your guests.

But that's not all, as with the Hospitality mod, you can build or burn bridges with factions. This is possible by making your colonists flirt with factions or lock up visitors in guest rooms to madden them.

You can also organize entertainment to make them happy. Happy guests will shower you with gifts and become friendlier with you. Moreover, satisfied guests are easy to recruit at the cost of faction reputation.

That being said- the mod increases your faction reputation through satisfied guests. So there's need to worry about losing some points. Want to try out this mod? The Hospitality mod function is available on Steam, so try it today!

2. EdB Prepare Carefully

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Credit: u/CavesOfKenshi on Reddit
Rimworld edb Prepare Carefully mod

Not happy with your colony and its people? You might not be a big fan of your starting colonists, especially if they're not the brightest tools in the shed. Now, you might want to restart the game for a better group of colonists.

Instead, try out the EdB Prepare Carefully mod available for all! With this mod, you can change the game's trajectory and make your colony more useful than ever! Use it to modify your starting game, customize colonists, and change the game into something more immersive.

Want more loots? Turn your colonists into overpowered maniacs that can raze enemies to the ground. You can also use or remove your optional point limits to get the most out of the game. The absence of limits helps create more talented inhabitants to work for you.

Thanks to this mod, you can simulate ideal gameplay without worrying about bad decisions and dense colonists. If you like your starting setup, you can also save it as a preset to use it again!

Moreover, this mod is easy to use, especially if it's your first time modding a game. EdB Prepare Carefully is available on Steam, so check it out!

3. Colony Manager

Tired of managing all your colonists and their respective job assignments? Why not get a manager for the tedious tasks? With the Colony Manager mod, you can ask an in-game assistant to automatically allocate jobs to colonists to gather supplies.

These managers will keep an eye out for allocating dwindling resources in the blink of an eye. Meaning that all your colonists will stock up on your supplies when they run short. Now, you might wonder who needs this mod the most. Veterans and steady players with fast-evolving colonies can benefit quickly from Colony Manager.

This mod allows you to create different, and automatic jobs for your colonists to gather and store vital resources. For example:

  • Forestry jobs: Gather wood, clear wind turbine, clear vegetation
  • Production jobs: Start/stop certain conditions, assign bills, select workstations for bills, and add tasks for ingredients.
  • Livestock jobs: Target animals to butcher to tame or kill animals. Prevent certain breeding, and auto-butcher and tame.
  • Hunter jobs: Remove manual hunting by setting a target for meat and set areas away from predators.

With the Colony Manager mod, you can create work status, check stocks of different necessities, and even prioritize specific jobs over others. Click here to download the game today!

4. Set Up Camp

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Credit: u/LucasK336 on Reddit
Set Up Camp mod for Rimworld

Rimworld doesn't allow temporary settlements to rest and recharge. If your caravan settles on an empty tile, it calls for building a permanent colony. This means instead of resting- you've to construct new settlements, bring in new colonists, and create necessary supplies.

On the flip side, the Set Up Camp mod for Rimworld lets you create temporary resting spots for a campsite. Doing so helps your weary colonists rest, gather resources, and recharge for their tasks.

Raid stress-free, as these temporary camps help treat wounds and infections before your colonists return to the base. Moreover, these outposts work wonders as temporary minding grounds and hunting spots. For example, if you're running low on food and steel, set up makeshift camps for colonists to gather resources for your base!

No more settling permanently every time you're out to forage, mine, and hunt for food. With this mod, you can create temporary settlements that add resources to your permanent outposts to enrich the colonies.

Keep in mind to use the default settings of Rimworld for this mod to work. The mod also has configuration options for tweaking map sizes and more! The Set Up Camp mod is available at Steam Workshop, so check it out today!

5. Interaction Bubbles

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Credit: u/corncan2 on Reddit
Rimworld Interaction Bubbles mod

It's a challenge to keep an eye on the social log to check what your colonists are saying. But thanks to the Interaction Bubbles mod, their speeches can now appear as chat bubbles for you to check without reading through entire logs mid-gameplay!

These interactions can be about anything. From greeting each other to talking about the harvest and even discussing war details. The bubbles make updating yourself easier and faster and are a fun visual detail for Rimworld!

Additionally, you can install and remove this mod anytime without cracking the save file! Ready to liven up interactions with speech bubbles? Get yourself the Interaction Bubbles mod from Steam today!

All in all, these are some of the best Rimworld mods out there to tweak and modify your game with. Not only do they improve your management simulation experience, but also make Rimworld more immersive! Try them today and watch yourself never go back to playing default again.

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