Best light for streaming 2023

Getting the best light for streaming can level up your livestream more than any other upgrade, better separating you from your background.

In fact, it's probably the single most important part of your streaming setup aside from good internet, as it gives you the best video quality possible without any film grain or unflattering shadows sitting over your face.

This helps make your viewers feel more comfortable and at ease when watching your streams. After all, no one wants to strain their eyes to see you properly or get the fright of their life being dazzled by a light that's too bright.

For our list, we've picked out something for everyone, from softbox lighting kits ideal for large areas to a ring option that flatters your face if you want to get up close and personal in your streams. Whatever your needs may be, we've got you covered.

With all that said, let's take a closer look at our selection, which we've chosen based on specs, reviews, and any other features we think make these products worth considering.

Best light for streaming

Best light for streaming - NEEWER 700W Lighting Kit

Best light for streaming - NEEWER softbox light kit
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Credit: NEEWER
Brand: NEEWER | Colour temperature: 5500K | Weight: 11.31lbs | Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 9 inches

The NEEWER lighting kit is fantastic whether you're just starting out or a veteran that's looking to upgrade. The set is a little bulkier than some of the others on this list, but you get far more for your money with two professional-style softbox lighting devices.

Softboxes are designed to produce even lighting, which means more clarity, less harsh shadows, and no squinting your eyes the entire time you're streaming unless you crank the two included bulbs up to their full brightness.

Each bulb has a colour temperature of 5500K, which is the purest white light you can get and gives you a neutral glow. Your viewers will see you for you without added yellows or blues.

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The stands are adjustable, so you can set the height to make sure they're at the perfect level for you, or change the angle of them to find the best position possible.

And, if you're worried about the safety of the bulbs inside the softboxes, then rest assured: the manufacturer claims they have a low operating temperature and don't get as hot more standard alternatives. We still wouldn't recommend unscrewing them without giving them a moment to cool down, but tinkering with the position of the lightbox doesn't pose any harm.

This kit also comes with a carrying bag to make it easy enough to transport if you want to set up stream somewhere else.

All in all, the NEEWER lighting kit crams a lot of value into a professional package, especially given that you get two bulbs to brighten up each cheek instead of one lonesome light - chiaroscuro lighting is best left to the Renaissance paintings.

Best light for streaming for small spaces - Logitech Litra Glow

Best light for streaming - Logitech compact light
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Credit: Logitech
Brand: Logitech | Colour temperature: 2700K to 6500K | Weight: 13.8oz | Dimensions: 12.01 x 4.92 x 2.05 inches

The Logitech Litra Glow is a newcomer to the compact light space, but it blows the competition out the water by fitting in the smallest of streaming setups. Instead of bulky stands the snake around your desk or stand on the floor, this one easily mounts right on top of your monitor so that it shines the light directly towards your face, ensuring your viewers can see you clearly.

According to Logitech, it enhances your natural skin tones with its TrueSoft technology and frameless diffuser, which does well to eliminate shadows and provide soft, balanced LED lighting for a more professional appearance.

You can also usefully fine-tune your on-camera look by adjusting the brightness and colour temperature settings from warm candlelight to cool blue in order to achieve whatever look you desire.

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The light is designed to withstand long sessions. The manufacturer claims is has cleared strict UL testing guidelines, meaning it's suitable to have the LED turned on all day without overheating and it shouldn't pose a fire risk.

Another little bonus is that it's USB-powered, meaning you can plug it into your monitor and avoid a spaghetti of cables trying to stretch it to the nearest mains. Your electric bill will be thankful at just how low-powered it is, and it doesn't come at the sacrifice of brightness, either.

Overall, we'd say this dinky device is definitely worth considering for compact setups. Two is still better than one, but if space is a concern, sticking a Logitech Litra Glow in the centre of your screen will do just fine.

Best light for streaming for large spaces - Fovitec Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit

Best light for streaming - Fovitec softbox lighting kit
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Credit: Fovitec
Brand: Fovitec | Colour temperature: 5500K | Weight: 23.8lbs | Dimensions: 29 x 12 x 17 inches

Three-point lighting is what studios use to push the quality of their television shows and movies to the next level: One either side of the subject and a central fill light to get rid of any lingering shadows. If you have the space, you too can achieve true professional lighting with the Fovitec Fluorescent Studio Lighting Kit.

This extremely professional-looking kit comes with three softboxes to provide you with even lighting for the most flattering look you'll get on stream. It also comes with two stands and a boom arm to clip the softboxes onto and 11 45W fluorescent lamps to put inside the softboxes.

The bulbs in the lamps themselves offer 5500K colour temperature specifications, which means they provide just the right amount of clarity in daylight and offer great colour accuracy for added definition.

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The stands are adjustable so that you can find the perfect position for your streaming requirements, and the boom arm stand is ideal if you want any overhead lighting, which can be used to create a more dramatic effect.

The package also comes with a kit bag included, so you can easily transport everything in order to stream wherever you want to.

In our opinion, this light is a great consideration for streaming in large areas.

Best ring light for streaming - Elgato Ring Light

Best light for streaming - Elgato ring light
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Credit: Elgato
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Brand: Elgato | Colour temperature: 2900K to 7000K | Weight: 2.36lbs | Dimensions: 1.46 x 10 x 17.2 inches

Ring lights are some of the best space savers, and this Elgato device is the best of the best. Instead of projecting a block of light, the ring makes your skin look smoother by shining light around your face rather than directly on it, which is ideal if you want your live streams to be up-close and personal.

This particular ring light comes with its own dedicated app, which you can use to easily adjust the light settings depending on whether you want higher or lower brightness levels or warmer or cooler colour temperatures.

You can put the brightness up to a maximum level of 2,500 lumens, but you can also fully dim the light as well.

And you can choose from a colour range of between 2900K and 7000K - or to put it another way, you can go from a warm sunset amber to a cold artic blue, depending on what is most flattering for your natural skin tone.

The really great thing about this light is that it comes with a convenient camera mount right in the middle of the ring. You can place your device in the perfect position to directly face you, which works wonders if you're going for the more personal, up-close effect.

It's worth noting, too, that the light has an adjustable desk stand, so you can raise or lower the height of it so that it peeks directly over the top of your monitor.

We'd definitely say this product is a brilliant option if you want your streams to have a more personal note.

Best premium light for streaming - Razer Key Light Chroma

Best light for streaming - Razer premium light
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Credit: Razer
Brand: Razer | Colour temperature: 2900K to 7000K | Weight: 8.63lbs | Dimensions: 10.08 x 7.76 x 1.55 inches

The Razer Key Light Chroma is a bit of a premium option, but if you're willing to splash out a little, we think it's worth the cost.

You can achieve various different lighting options with this device, including RGB lighting, which can work well if you're looking to add an atmospheric twist to your live streams - flood the stream with red to enhance the horror game you're playing or add a splash of blue to calm your viewers.

It also offers a colour range of between 2900K and 7000K, giving you the choice of a warm, balanced tone or a cool white tone depending on what best suits your natural skin tone. You can adjust the brightness levels to whatever you prefer, too, and it offers a maximum level of 2,800 lumens, which is incredibly bright.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, you can control the brightness and temperature of the light from your phone via Razer Synapse, so you can even easily make tweaks during your streams.

It comes with a stand as well that you can clip onto your desk to hold it in position when you're streaming. This stand is also height adjustable, towering far higher than most of its rivals, allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting position for your needs, even if it's from overhead.

All in all, this premium options seems like a great choice to go for if you fancy splashing out on a streaming light.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have quite a few questions going through your mind about the best lights for streaming, which is why we've taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked queries on the web about them below.

Why does lighting matter for streaming?

The reason that lighting matters so much for streaming is that it makes your setup look professional and it should provide your viewers with a high-quality video experience when they're watching you.

If your stream is too dark, it can be difficult to watch and the audience won't be able to see your face properly, while if it's too bright, it can be quite tough on the eyes and might dazzle some viewers.

Therefore, getting the best streaming light will enable your audience to easily focus on you and what you're saying so that they can enjoy the stream in comfort without having to strain to see you.

Do ring lights make you look better?

Ring lights tend to be quite flattering and generally can make you look better on camera. This is thanks to the fact the lighting effect from them should make your skin look smoother and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

They manage this due to their circular design, which emphasises detail and reduces the appearance of harsh shadows.

This means ring lights essentially help to sharpen an image, which should allow your viewers to see you more clearly. For that reason, they're particularly useful for streamers who want close-up and personal shots during their streams.

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