Best induction kettle 2023

Someone in white top and beige cardigan lifting a silver kettle off a wooden plate, pouring into a glass mug.
Credit: Pykal

Someone in white top and beige cardigan lifting a silver kettle off a wooden plate, pouring into a glass mug.
Credit: Pykal

The best induction kettle is an amazing way to make large pots of tea or coffee from the hob, rather than consistently having to flick a switch every time you want a brew.

Moreover, while normal kettles are good and all, they can use a fair bit more power than you'd expect. Getting an induction kettle, therefore, is a great way to lower those energy costs, and it's a real conversation starter to boot. Team one with the best portable cooktop and you've got your food and drink needs covered.

It's worth mentioning though that all of the products we've selected for our list are made from stainless steel, as only devices made from ferromagnetic materials will work on induction cooktops. That's something to bear in mind if you're considering getting one.

If you are, then we've picked out a few different sizes to suit different needs, and have gone into the details about why each kettle we've selected is such a great option to consider for your home based on its features, price, and reviews.

With all this in mind, let's dive into these amazing kettles...

Best induction kettles

  1. Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle
  2. MAXCOOK 4L Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle
  3. All-Clad E86199
  4. Kook Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle
  5. Primula Stewart
Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle product image of a silver kettle with a black handle.
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Credit: Pykal

1. Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle

Best induction kettle overall

Materials: Stainless steel, iron and aluminium
Capacity: 3 quarts
Weight: 1.98lbs
Dimensions: 8.66 x 8.66 x 8.98 inches

The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle seems like one of the best all-round kettles to use on your induction hob.

It has a large 3-quart capacity, which should make it a great kettle for a family home as its large capacity means you can boil plenty of water in one go.

However, perhaps the best part about it is the fact that it comes with 5-ply base heating technology. This essentially refers to how it’s been constructed. It has an iron layer between two aluminium layers that are then wrapped inside the surgical stainless steel outer body.

The benefit of this is that the teapot should heat up quickly, as well as retain its heat for a longer period of time after it’s finished boiling.

It also comes with iCool technology, which means the handle should cool down within seconds once it’s finished boiling, allowing you to pick it up without singeing your hand.

Moreover, it has a push-button pouring mechanism on the handle, so all you have to do is hold down the button and the cap will flip open to allow the water to freely pour out of the kettle and into your mugs.

All in all, this appliance appears to be a brilliant all-round choice to go for if you're searching for a great kettle for your induction hob.

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MAXCOOK 4L Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle product image of a matte grey and silver kettle with a black handle.
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2. MAXCOOK 4L Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

Best large-capacity induction kettle

Materials: Stainless steel
Capacity: 4.2 quarts
Weight: 1.9lbs
Dimensions: 9.38 x 8.5 x 8.44 inches

If you’re looking for an induction kettle that can hold large amounts of water, then this MAXCOOK device seems like it could be the right option for you.

It has a large capacity of 4.2 quarts. So, whether you have a large family to cater for or just love having friends over for an afternoon cup of tea or coffee, this kettle should be able to hold enough water for any situation.

When the kettle is finished boiling, the device is said to make a whistling sound and has a cool-touch handle to prevent you from getting burned when picking it up.

Also, it comes with a reversible nozzle covering the pourer, which should come in handy to prevent dust or grime from entering the water inside the kettle when not in use. It also has an encapsulated base that is designed for even heating to make sure all of the water inside the kettle heats simultaneously.

Overall, we’d say this kettle seems like it’s ideal for anyone in need of a large-capacity pot for an induction hob.

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All-Clad E86199 product image of an all-silver metal kettle.
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Credit: All-Clad

3. All-Clad E86199

Best premium induction kettle

Materials: Stainless steel
Capacity: 2 quarts
Weight: 3lbs
Dimensions: 8.2 x 10.1 x 8.9 inches

This All-Clad E86199 kettle appears to be a great long-term pick. It's a little more expensive, but its construction means it should withstand the test of time.

More specifically, it's made from 18/10 stainless steel which, according to the manufacturer, means the kettle is extremely durable. With a heavy gauge, single-ply design, alongside a bonded base, you should find the kettle remains warp-free despite the heat.

Size-wise, it can hold 2 quarts of water, which should be plenty to make enough cups of tea or coffee for a fairly sizeable family. Also, a whistling noise should indicate that the water has finished boiling, so you know exactly when it’s ready to pour without needing to judge whether it’s hot enough yourself.

Another benefit of this appliance is that, because of the 18/10 stainless steel, the kettle should be very easy to wipe down whenever it needs cleaning.

So, all in all, this induction kettle seems like a great premium option, in our opinion, that is worth spending a little extra on.

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Kook Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle product image of an all-black kettle with a gooseneck spout.
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Credit: Kook

4. Kook Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle

Best gooseneck induction kettle

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Materials: Stainless steel
Capacity: 27oz
Weight: 1.7lbs
Dimensions: 9.84 x 0.85 x 6.26 inches

If you specifically want to invest in a kettle with a gooseneck design to put on your induction hob, then this Kook Stovetop Kettle could be right for you.

Gooseneck kettles are a popular choice for those who want a slow, controlled pour, as the spout tends to allow for a smooth stream of water to pour out of, even if you accidentally tilt it too much.

This means that this kettle should be ideal for making coffee and loose-leaf tea, as the controlled pouring ensures even extraction of the coffee or tea, which helps the brewing process and, ultimately, should release more flavour.

The device also comes with a triple-layer base composed of stainless steel, which should remain rust-free over time and provide an even spread of heat when on the hob.

It also has a built-in thermometer on top, so you can see exactly what temperature it's at when it's boiling. As an aside, the manufacturer says the water needs to be boiled to a temperature between 195 and 205 degrees F.

On the whole, then, we'd say this appliance could make for a great addition to any coffee or loose tea lover's home.

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Primula Stewart product image of a silver kettle with a black handle and spout.
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Credit: Primula

5. Primula Stewart

Best budget induction kettle

Materials: Stainless steel
Capacity: 1.5 quarts
Weight: 1.19lbs
Dimensions: 7.44 x 7.44 x 6.85 inches

This Primula Stewart kettle appears to be a great choice to consider if you're looking for a relatively inexpensive appliance that doesn't sacrifice quality.

Despite the inexpensive price, this kettle is made from food-grade stainless steel, which the manufacturer claims is incredibly durable and has been engineered to last.

It also has a decent 1.5-quart capacity, meaning it should be large enough to make multiple cups of tea and coffee for the whole family.

As with most of the other products on our list, it has a flip-up spout that whistles when the water has finished boiling, alerting you to the fact ready to pour.

Plus, once you've reached this stage, it also comes with a cool-touch handle, so you should be able to pick it up straight away once it's finished boiling without it burning your hand.

Overall, this induction kettle seems like a pretty good budget option to go for.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We understand you might have some queries about the best induction kettles, so we've tried to help you out by answering some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What kettle works on induction?

When buying a kettle to use on an induction hob as opposed to a ceramic one, it's important to make sure the device you choose will actually work on it, as not every stovetop kettle is designed to be used on this type of hob.

Only kettles made from ferromagnetic materials will work on induction cooktops, which essentially means the appliance you buy should be constructed from metals like stainless steel or cast iron.

So, as long as the base of the kettle is made from these types of materials, it should be suitable for induction use.

Is it better to boil a kettle on an induction hob?

We'd definitely say boiling water on an induction hob is one of the best heating methods when using a kettle.

This is because, not only do induction hobs bring the water to a boil more quickly, but they also tend to be more energy-efficient than using a non-induction stove, for instance.

In fact, according to Energy Star, an induction cooktop is about 85% energy-efficient, while a normal electric stovetop is only around 70% energy-efficient by comparison.

This is largely due to the fact they warm the kettle directly, meaning they lose very little heat to the air, and they only begin heating up when the appliance is actually placed on the hob; when it's removed, the hob cools down extremely quickly, which means it should consume less power.

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