Best gaming projectors 2024

A black gaming projector on top of a brown box with a white speaker to the left of it, and a white and black projector to the right.
Credit: BenQ

A black gaming projector on top of a brown box with a white speaker to the left of it, and a white and black projector to the right.
Credit: BenQ

With the best gaming projector, you can showcase your video game skills on a much, much bigger screen and often in good quality too. That's only if you do get one of the best, but that's why we are here to help.

When searching, you'll want to look for a lot of the same things you would look for with the best gaming TVs. That means a high resolution, a good response time, and hopefully a decent refresh rate too.

No matter what you need from a gaming projector though, our comprehensive list caters to all preferences and necessities, ensuring you find the perfect match for your setup seeing as we've considered all the aforementioned specs as well as price and reviews here. So, without further delay, let's get into our top picks...

Best gaming projectors

  1. BenQ TK700STi - a great projector overall
  2. ViewSonic PX749-4K - best for 4K images
  3. Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 - a short throw delight
  4. BenQ X1300I - a great long throw alternative
  5. Xgimi Elfin - best for portability
BenQ TK700STi product image of a dark grey projector with a white underside.
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Credit: BenQ

1. BenQ TK700STi

Best gaming projector overall

Resolution: 1080p/4K - Refresh Rate: 240Hz/60Hz - Response Time: 4-16ms Brightness: 3000 lumens - Connectivity: HDMI, USB - Other Features: Short Throw, Compatible with Major Consoles

The BenQ TK700STi stands out as a versatile gaming projector, offering a range of settings to suit different preferences. With options for a zippy 240Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time at 1080p or a slower 120Hz and 8ms for power-saving, it adapts well to various gaming needs. While it offers 4K resolution, it's important to note the trade-off of a lower 60Hz refresh rate and 16ms response time at this higher resolution.

Designed for smaller spaces, this short throw projector can project a 100-inch picture from just 6.5 feet away, delivering up to 3,000 lumens of brightness. Its 2D Auto Vertical Keystone and Picture Rotation Adjustment ensure consistently well-proportioned visuals with accurately fitted corners.

On the gaming front, it offers three preset game modes (FPS, RPG, and SPG) along with a Game Sound Mode, optimizing gameplay experience across various genres. Compatible with consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch via HDMI 2.0 and USB ports, it's tailored for console gaming.

However, there are a few downsides worth considering. The lamp life is limited to 15,000 hours, the built-in speakers are somewhat lacking in quality, and while it boasts 4K resolution, it's achieved through upscaling via Texas Instrument's XPR rather than native 4K. Despite these drawbacks, for its price bracket, the BenQ TK700STi remains a top choice for gaming projector enthusiasts.

Reasons to buy:

  • It has a short throwing distance
  • Compatible with all major consoles, including the Switch
  • It can hit a refresh rate up to 240Hz if you want it too

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ViewSonic PX749-4K product image of a white rectangular-shaped projector.
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Credit: ViewSonic

2. ViewSonic PX749-4K

Best 4K gaming projector

Resolution: 4K - Refresh Rate: 240Hz - Response Time: 4.2ms
Brightness: 4000 lumens - Connectivity: HDMI, USB
Other Features: HDR, Smart Home Compatible

While gaming projectors aren't uncommon, getting one with 4K visuals is a little more challenging because they're mostly aimed at people who want to watch films, not those looking to jump into Warzone, for instance. Thankfully, the ViewSonic PX749-4K somehow manages to deliver a 4.2ms response time, even with its 4K output

This projector can also reach up to a 240Hz refresh rate, which means your gameplay will appear stunningly smooth, even when blown up on a big screen. It has a brightness of 4,000 lumens too, which means it works well in bright as well as dark rooms. We can't not mention its 20,000-hour lifespan either, which gives you a hell of a lot of time to play with.

Visually, you of course get a 3840 x 2160 pixel output, which means no matter what you're gaming on, whether it's a powerful gaming PC, a PS5, or an Xbox Series X, you'll be able to get the most out of them.

It's also really easy to set up and install and is the kind of thing that'll help turn game night into something truly spectacular. We're big fans of this projector, and it's not as expensive as it could be either, which is always a nice plus.

Reasons to buy:

  • It boasts 4K picture quality
  • It can also hit a 240Hz refresh rate
  • Capable of hitting 4,000 lumens

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Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300 product image of a black square-shaped projector.
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Credit: Epson

3. Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS300

Best short throw gaming projector

Resolution: 4K - Refresh Rate: 60Hz - Response Time: N/A
Brightness: 3600 lumens - Connectivity: Bluetooth
Other Features: Yamaha Audiophile 2.1 speakers

Short-throw projectors are suitable for those who have limited space and need something to project at close quarters, a place where this Epson projector really shines. It's a laser projector with "ultra short throw" capabilities, so you can scale high-quality visuals up to 120 inches.

Moreover, the projector is packed with technology that helps it output stunning visuals with great sound. To start with, it's capable of delivering 4K images with HDR. With its 3-chip LCD design as well, this projector can deliver 100% RGB colors for a more vibrant gaming experience. And, to give you that cinematic feel, the projector features Yamaha's Audiophile 2.1 speakers designed to deliver crisp, clear sound, forgoing the need to invest in one of the best gaming or PC speakers to counter shoddy audio.

You get a brightness of 3,600 lumens as well, which is more than sufficient for low to medium ambient light settings. The projector also features built-in Android TV and Bluetooth capabilities, so you can quickly access streaming and other apps once you put down your gamepad.

So, if you're looking for a short throw 4K projector for casual gaming, then Epson's laser projector is definitely a device worth checking out in more detail.

Reasons to buy:

  • It has an ultra short throw distance
  • It can deliver 100% RGB colors to make your gameplay more vibrant
  • 4K picture quality

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BenQ X1300I product image of a white and black box-shaped projector with an orange ring around the front.
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Credit: BenQ

4. BenQ X1300I

Best long throw gaming projector

Resolution: 4K/1080p - Refresh Rate: 60Hz/240Hz - Response Time: 16ms/4ms - Brightness: 3000 lumens - Connectivity: HDMI, USB - Other Features: Preset Game Modes for RPG, FPS, SPG

If you're looking to create an immersive cinematic experience on a much larger scale, then the BenQ X1300i long-throw projector is an excellent choice as it boasts an array of impressive features.

To start, it offers a substantial 3000 lumens of brightness, ensuring vibrant visuals even in well-lit rooms. The projector provides a flexible resolution, supporting both 4K UHD and 1080p, catering to different needs and requirements. Moreover, it features an expansive 100% DCI-P3 color space, guaranteeing precise and detailed representation, further complemented by HDR-PRO and BenQ's CinematicColor technology.

With its long-throw capabilities, this projector allows you to project a 100-inch image from just 8.2 feet away, or scale up to a whopping 150-inch display from a distance of 12.5 feet - you won't find a projector capable of producing much bigger for the price!

But, and the main reason we're here, the BenQ X1300i offers customizable refresh rates and response times to suit different video games. You can select from options like 1080p at 240Hz with a 4ms response time or 4K at 60Hz with a 16ms response time. Additionally, it includes preset game modes for various genres like FPS, RPG, and SPG, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

When it comes to connectivity, this projector is compatible with popular gaming consoles such as the PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Its HDMI and USB ports provide versatility, allowing you to connect additional devices and making it a highly versatile addition to your gaming setup.

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Reasons to buy:

  • Perfect for a large-scale cinematic gaming experience
  • It produces a vibrant and bright picture
  • It can deliver 1080p gameplay at 240Hz with a 4ms response time

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Xgimi Elfin product image of a white square-shaped projector.
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Credit: XGIMI

5. Xgimi Elfin

Best portable gaming projector

Resolution: 1080p - Refresh Rate: N/A - Response Time: N/A
Brightness: 800 ANSI lumens - Connectivity: HDMI, USB
Other Features: 4K Input Support

If you're in the market for a projector that offers portability and versatility, look no further than the XGIMI Elfin Mini projector. Despite its compact size, this projector is a powerhouse, delivering an exceptional viewing experience.

One of its standout features is its impressive brightness, boasting 800 ANSI lumens, roughly equivalent to 2000 standard lumens. This makes the Elfin Mini suitable for a range of lighting conditions, from low-light to moderate ambient light settings.

With a sharp 1080p resolution and support for 4K input, the Elfin Mini ensures top-notch visual quality. The addition of HDR10 technology enhances contrast and provides crisp imagery for a captivating viewing experience.

Setting up the Elfin Mini is a breeze, thanks to its Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) feature, which automatically adjusts the screen and focus for a hassle-free setup every time.

For an immersive audio experience, XGIMI has integrated powerful 6W Harman Kardon speakers into the projector. These speakers, compatible with DTS and Dolby, deliver clear and concise sound, enhancing your gaming and movie-watching experience.

Finally, in terms of connectivity options, you can use HDMI or USB 2.0 cables for a wired connection, or you can go wireless with its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. As a result, we'd argue the XGIMI Elfin Mini projector offers a compelling package of features to help make it one of the best portable options for gaming.

Reasons to buy:

  • It's smaller and easy to move around
  • Its 800 ANSI lumens roughly equate to 2000 standard lumens
  • It has powerful 6W Harman Kardon speakers built-in

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While on the hunt for the best gaming projector, you might encounter these questions...

How do I choose a gaming projector?

There are two main "categories" of specs you should be looking at while buying a gaming projector. The first category is what we'd call the "regular projector specs" and the second one we'd say is the "gamer specs".

For the regular specs, you should keep an eye out for the brightness, resolution, and throw. The projector should be bright enough to deliver clear images in whatever surroundings you place it in. For instance, for low ambient light settings, a 1500-lumens or 2000-lumens projector should suffice.

You can choose between short-throw and long-throw projectors depending on how much space you have. If you have a compact gaming den, then a short-throw projector would be more suitable as it will be able to produce full-size images from a relatively short distance.

Meanwhile, the resolution depends more on your budget. 4K projectors are available, but generally cost more and tend to come with lower refresh rates. Go for at least a 1080p projector though if you're looking for Full HD visuals.

Coming to "gamer specs" and, most importantly, the refresh rate and response time. Typically, you will see 4K projectors with a 60Hz refresh rate and 16ms response time. If you go for a lower resolution, you can often find faster response times, thus making 1080p projectors, for instance, a little more beneficial for online gameplay as you'll experience less of a delay on your inputs and far less stuttering.

Are projectors worth it for gaming?

Yes, some people may find projectors better for viewing their games as these devices deliver a big picture - much bigger than most monitors or TVs can deliver. Also, the response times and refresh rates can be close to that of a TV in some cases, so you won't necessarily need to compromise here either.

Arguably, a projector is best for when you want to sit back and relax while playing offline, single-player campaigns where you want to feel more immersed in your surroundings.

However, some can be used for online, competitive gameplay. Just make sure you opt for a projector with a high refresh rate and low response time in this instance. For any ultra-competitive gameplay though, you're probably better off opting for one of the best gaming monitors instead.

Can outdoor projectors work for gaming?

The dream of gaming outside is one a lot of us feel, but it does require a lot of effort to make it a reality.

A portable gaming monitor can certainly help with that, but sorting out power for consoles and whatnot is a little tougher. You can use a portable generator, but you can also use a mix of docks and something like a Steam Deck, and even simpler things like extension leads too.

If you do manage to sort out the power issue though, then we don't see any reason why you can't use an outdoor projector for gaming.

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