Best dehumidifier under 100 - Our top picks 2023

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to drive out dampness from your home, then opting for the best dehumidifier under 100 seems like the perfect fit.

Having excess moisture in your home can be a common problem, especially in winter, due to poor ventilation and condensation build-up. This is something that needs to be dealt with, as it can lead to the spread of mould and mildew, which comes with its own health problems.

That’s where dehumidifiers can come in extremely handy. They are specifically designed to lower humidity levels and improve indoor air quality so you can live in a more damp-free home.

These devices can be pretty expensive though, and we understand you might not want to break the bank investing in one, which is why we’ve brought you the best we found under 100.

In terms of what to look out for when it comes to choosing the right dehumidifier, we’d say capacity is probably the most important area here, particularly when it comes to selecting a great dehumidifier for your bathroom.

For this reason, we’ve selected products with varied water tank sizes, ranging from 1,000ml, which is ideal for smaller rooms, to 3,000ml, which is more suitable for larger areas. So, no matter the size of the room, there should be something here for your needs.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the best dehumidifiers under 100, which we’ve selected based on specs, general reviews, plus any other unique features that make these appliances stand out from the crowd...

Best dehumidifier under 100

Best dehumidifier under 100 - Gocheer 5,000 Cubic Feet Dehumidifier

Best dehumidifier under 100 - Gocheer 2,000ml dehumidifier
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Credit: Gocheer
Brand: Gocheer | Capacity: 2,000ml | Drainage type: Manual or via pump system | Weight: 4lbs | Dimensions: 0.04 x 12 x 0.39 inches

The Gocheer Dehumidifier seems like a solid all-round choice as far as dehumidifiers under 100 go.

The manufacturer claims that its 2,000ml water tank should be able to continuously remove moisture from the air for up to 24 hours in any room measuring up to 550 square feet, which is the equivalent of a small apartment.

This means it should be able to run for quite a long time before you actually need to empty the water bucket.

You shouldn't need to worry about keeping an eye on it in case it overflows either. It comes with a water level controller designed to automatically shut itself off once it reaches its maximum level.

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This is useful for safety purposes, as too much water could overflow and leak into the electrical components, potentially causing an electrical fire.

With this device, you also have the option of continuous drainage, as it comes with a 59-inch hose that you should be able to simply put into the sink or out of a window so that the dehumidifier expels the water in its tank as it collects it.

This can be quite a convenient option because it should save you from needing to go through the hassle of emptying the tank yourself, which is ideal if you're busy with work or doing other household chores.

All in all, this appliance seems like a great all-round option if you're on the hunt for a quality dehumidifier under 100.

Best high-capacity dehumidifier under 100 - Deleaboa Dehumidifier

Best dehumidifier under 100 - Deleaboa high-capacity dehumidifier
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Credit: Deleaboa
Brand: Deleaboa | Capacity: 3,000ml | Drainage type: Manual | Weight: 6.25lbs | Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.7 x 14.7 inches

If you're searching for a high-capacity dehumidifier to soak up the moisture from a large room, then this Deleaboa Dehumidifier might be your answer.

It comes with a 3,000ml water tank, which should be able to hold all of the moisture soaked up from a 720-square-foot area. This means it should have no trouble being able to dehumidify a large room such as a garage or your main living area.

The device has two different modes you can select from to be used in different scenarios: high power mode and sleep mode.

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The high power mode should allow it to function as normal, consuming as much moisture from the air as it can, while sleep mode can be used if you want to have it on in the bedroom overnight, as it will make it operate much more quietly, at around 30dB.

For safety reasons, the water tank is built to automatically turn itself off and show a red light on its LED panel once the water tank has reached its maximum capacity. This is to avoid creating a hazard with the electricity as you'll know when it needs emptying.

Fortunately, this also means it should be safe to leave it running whilst you're away or want to keep it going throughout the night.

Overall, we’d say this dehumidifier seems like a brilliant choice if you're in need of something with a high capacity to rid your home of damp.

Best quiet dehumidifier under 100 - LAOVER Dehumidifier

Best dehumidifier under 100 - LAOVER quiet dehumidifier
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Credit: LAOVER
Brand: LAOVER | Capacity: 1,000ml | Drainage type: Manual | Weight: 2.86lbs | Dimensions: 5.3 x 6 x 9.8 inches

Are you looking for an extremely quiet dehumidifier to leave on when you’re sleeping? Well, this LAOVER product appears to be an ideal choice for this scenario.

Much like the last product on our list, this device has both a high power mode to quickly reduce humidity levels, and a sleep mode so you can leave it on at night while you’re sleeping without it disturbing you.

On sleep mode, the noise level should be less than 30dB, making it impressively quiet. To put this into perspective, a 30dB noise is said to be the equivalent of someone whispering something close to you, while 20dB is like someone whispering a whole five feet away.

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With a 1,000ml water tank, the dehumidifier also comes with a capacity suitable enough to remove moisture from an area measuring up to 260 square feet, so it should be ideal for small to mid-sized spaces.

As with the majority of dehumidifiers, this device will automatically shut itself down once the water tank is at full capacity in order to protect the unit, and the electrical components inside, from overflow damage.

There’s also an indicator light that should turn red when the tank is full, so you know exactly when it’s time to empty it.

In our opinion, this device seems like the best option to choose if you want something that runs quietly during the day or something to leave on at night.

Best portable dehumidifier under 100 - Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

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Best dehumidifier under 100 - Pro Breeze portable dehumidifier
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Credit: Pro Breeze
Brand: Pro Breeze | Capacity: 52oz | Drainage type: Manual | Weight: 3.3lbs | Dimensions: 6.6 x 9 x 12.69 inches

Having a portable device is always handy, especially if you want to move it from room to room often. That’s why we’ve included this fairly compact Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier on our list.

This mini device is so compact and lightweight, it should be easily placeable on top of your desk or table without taking up too much space.

Despite its size, it comes with a 52-ounce water tank which, according to Pro Breeze, can remove up to 18 ounces of moisture a day, which is quite impressive for such a small dehumidifier.

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Moreover, it features built-in Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology that operates without the use of a compressor, meaning it should be pretty quiet to run. This can make it ideal for use in the bedroom while you’re relaxing or in the living room when you’re watching TV.

As with the rest of the products on our list, it also comes with an automatic shut-off feature when the water tank hits maximum capacity to prevent overflowing and, therefore, any damage from being caused to the electrics.

All in all, this seems like a great compact and portable dehumidifier to opt for.

Best bathroom dehumidifier under 100 - DDVIVAL Dehumidifier

Best dehumidifier under 100 - DDVIVAL bathroom dehumidifier
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Brand: DDVIVAL | Capacity: 2,000ml | Drainage type: Manual or via pump system | Weight: 1.4lbs | Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 13 inches

If you're on the hunt for an amazing dehumidifier to keep your bathroom free from damp, then this DDVIVAL appliance seems like a great choice.

First of all, it comes with an impressive 2,000ml-capacity water tank, so should have the ability to remove 1,000ml of moisture from the air per day. This will likely make it ideal for bathrooms as they tend to have very high humidity levels, particularly when they have no windows.

Plus, it can effectively dehumidify a room of up to 600 square feet and, as a result, it can even tackle moisture in a large bathroom.

Another feature that makes it great for a bathroom is that it comes with a 59-inch drain hose to allow you the option of putting the hose into your sink or bath so that the water accumulated in the tank continuously drains out.

This means you don't have to go to the effort of emptying the tank every time it reaches its maximum capacity.

Speaking of which, the dehumidifier should automatically shut itself off when it's filled, preventing any overflow from occurring. It also comes with a red indicator light that turns on to tell you that the tank needs emptying.

Overall, we'd say this DDVIVAL humidifier looks like a brilliant choice to put in your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some queries about the best dehumidifiers under 100, then rest assured, we've got you covered and have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about them below.

Do dehumidifiers waste a lot of electricity?

Generally speaking, dehumidifiers shouldn't waste too much electricity and actually tend to be very energy-efficient.

This is especially true when you consider that most dehumidifiers automatically switch themselves off once the desired room humidity levels are reached, meaning they’re not constantly running all day long, even if you don’t turn them off yourself.

High-capacity dehumidifiers are said to consume around 500W of electricity, while small-capacity models use around 22W. So, as an example - using Energy Saving’s Trust's most recent energy consumption price estimates for the UK - a 480W 20-litre-capacity dehumidifier should only cost about 16p to run for one whole hour.

Do dehumidifiers stop mould?

Yes, dehumidifiers can help to prevent mould because they take away excess moisture in the air, which is one of the main contributing factors for mould to thrive.

This is why you tend you find that the bathroom contains the most mould. The heat from running hot showers or baths causes high humidity levels that allow mould to spread quickly and easily.

Preventing mould from spreading throughout your home is extremely important, as over time it can cause respiratory health problems, such as coughing and wheezing. It’s also difficult to get rid of once it’s spread to items like clothes or carpets, which is why it’s best to prevent it in the first place.

Ultimately, dehumidifiers should improve the indoor air quality of your home and are especially useful if your home is prone to damp due to condensation and poor ventilation.

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