Best DayZ weapons (January 2024)

Best DayZ weapons - players bounding another character

Best DayZ weapons - players bounding another character

In order to fight off the hordes of zombies and survive another night, you have to be prepared. And the first things you need, well, obviously are weapons. So let's find out which are the best DayZ weapons you can use in the game.

The game has been popular for a while with players, with many wondering about how to make a splint or how to respawn near friends.

But now let's take a dive into the game to find out which might be the best weapons you can find in DayZ and how to use them efficiently.

What are the best DayZ weapons?

Let's take a look at what might be the best weapons in the game.


  • AUR AX
  • M4-A1
  • M70 Tundra
  • Mosin 91/30

Of course, the range of weapons that you might want to use depends on what you're looking for. If you're out for a stroll in the countryside and need a faithful rifle that won't disappoint, for example, the M4-A1 is a great choice as it is quite the flexible weapon. The AUR AX is also a great choice and one of the best assault rifles you can find in DayZ.

The M70 Tundra on the other hand, is simply one of the best sniper rifles in the game. But then again, you might want to use it only if needed in particular situations, it is definitely not a hip shooter. The Mosin is also a close second in regards to the best sniper rifles that you can find in DayZ.

But if you're looking for more solid choices, here are a few more weapons that definitely won't disappoint.


  • Blaze
  • KA-101
  • BK-12
  • VSD
  • KA-74
  • KA-M
  • Fire axe
  • LAR
  • LE-MAS
  • M16-A2
  • M79
  • MK II
  • SK 59/66

If you're looking for shotguns, the BK-12 will definitely do the trick and will take care of most wildlife and enemies that are in your close vicinity. And if, instead, you're looking to just save those bullets and go all-in with melee, you can't go wrong with the fire axe.

That's all you need for the best DayZ weapons. If you're looking for more tips and tricks on the game, check out how to turn out head torch and the 1.24 patch notes.

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