Best Christmas Jumpers 2020: Retro, Star Wars, Marvel, Xbox, PlayStation and Gaming Festive Clothing

Christmas jumpers are as synonymous with the festive season as mince pies or a family game of charades that gets taken a little too seriously.

When you’re sitting around watching Christmas movies or, let’s be real, explore Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 for hours on end, you’ll want a Christmas jumper to put you in the festive spirit and keep you plenty comfy. 

While traditional festive sweaters are all well and good, would you rather have reindeer or Darth Vader in a Santa hat emblazoned across your chest? 

Every year there is a slew of gaming and pop culture themed jumpers released and this year is no different, so to help make picking your favourite a little bit easier we’ve rounded up our top picks below…

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