Best cheap PS4 accessories June 2020: Our picks for best low-cost headsets, charging stations and other PS4 peripherals

The PS4 still has a lot of life left in it, with top games on the horizon sure to be cheaper than ever. There are also a host of cheap peripherals and add-ons to enhance your PS4 gameplay.

From headsets to docking stations, there is a lot you can get for under £30 to give you a competitive edge or just make it easier to play. Here are our recommendations for best cheap PS4 accessories June 2020.


Best PS4 accessories 2020


Best PS4 accessories June 2020


Best cheap PS4 accessories 2020

Venom games storage tower

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If you're constantly searching draws and cupboards for your favourite games, pick up this handy storage tower which can hold up to 12 of your top titles.

Small and simple, this storage solution from Venom is great for enabling quick access to your favourite games and Blu-rays. Its sleek black design won't look out of place next to your console, either.

Dhaose wired gaming headset

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While it may not be a recognisable name like Turtle Beach or Razer, this headset from Dhaose is one of the best around for the price.

There aren't many over-ear gaming headsets around that cost less than £25, and those that are usually suck. This offering from Dhaose, however, is rated five stars at a very low price. Check it out if you need a new one.

Numskull keyboard add-on

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Picture the scene: you're playing 

Rocket League

, you just scored an amazing solo goal, you go to type an amazing burn on your opponent and... you miss kick-off.

It's pretty annoying to type in game chat using just the PS4 controller. That's where this awesome add-on from Numskull comes in. Just plug it in, connect via Bluetooth, and you're ready to type all the burns you want in seconds.

Venom twin docking station

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For a convenient way to charge two DualShock 4 controllers, Venom has developed this sleek-looking docking station which won't set you back more than £15.

Charge two controllers at once and see quickly when they're ready with this charging station. In just two hours, you can have one fully juiced-up gamepad. Power by USB from the console or a PC.

Thumbsticks and thumb grips

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You'll be surprised just how much better you'll be playing with brand new thumbsticks and thumb grips.

This 8-pack on Amazon has everything you need to add control, precision and accuracy to your games. It includes four replacement thumbsticks and four thumb grips in blue and red.

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