Best Cases for Cable Management 2021: Spacious Cable Management Designs!

Getting the best case out of the possible PC cases in 2021 that has either a large amount of space for cable management or has an integrated cable management system can be tough.

Thankfully we'll be going over some of our top picks for PC cases that offer not only an easy building experience but also offer either integrated or a spacious component for cable management! Many new PC cases in 2021 feature an integrated cable routing system that is designed to keep the backside of the case as clean-looking as possible.

This article will showcase some fantastic options for PC cases that offer good cable management for first-time builders or veteran builders who want an easy build.

Let's dive straight in!

NZXT H710 - ATX Mid Tower PC Gaming Case

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NZXT is a company well-known for creating uniquely fantastic PC components and computers. The NZXT H710 is no different, offering three different color schemes from red/black, white/black, and just black.

The NZXT H710 PC case comes with a Cable-Routing kit and even pre-installed cable channels to ensure an easy building experience and a clean-looking back panel.

This case features an iconic cable management bar which allows for the visible section of the case to be incredibly clean and easily allows you to show off your PC building skills!

darkFlash DLX Mesh E Computer Case

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The darkFlash DLX Mesh E PC case offers a fairly standard cable routing design, featuring built-in cable clips and an easy-to-understand cable routing layout!

While this cable routing design may be fairly standard, the easy to remove back panel is significantly less standard. The back panel attaches to the case's frame using magnets, ensuring that it stays attached but is still easily removable!

The black color scheme and mesh front panel, which allows for higher flow, is always a bonus to nearly any PC case!

Razer Tomahawk ATX Mid-Tower PC Case

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For the Razer Fanatics, the Razer Tomahawk offers dual-sided tempered glass panels, both of which can be entirely removed to allow for easy building within this PC case.

The backside of this case features fairly standard cable routing clips, but this case comes with covers to hide the unsightly wires from the tempered glass panel's view.

The cut-outs and covers ensure that the cables don't restrict any potential airflow to the internal components; these covers ensure that minimal clutter is inside of this case!


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