Best AI Image Upscaler: Increase Image Resolution

Upscaled picture of a peacock - best AI image upscale
Credit: Vance AI

Upscaled picture of a peacock - best AI image upscale
Credit: Vance AI

If you've found the perfect image but it's the wrong size or quality, then an AI image upscaler may be just the tool you need. By using AI, these image upscalers can increase the size of an image, without the usual reduction in image quality that can happen.

There are a lot of AI image upscalers out there, so we've put together a round-up of the best options for you to choose from. Because we're nice like that. We've previously covered the best AI image generators, and now here are the best AI image upscalers.

Best AI Image Upscaler

Without getting bogged down in technical information, which frankly makes us go slightly cross-eyed, deeply confused and cry on the inside, an AI image upscaler works by using AI to "guess" at what should be in the mixing pixels.

Where traditional upscaled images tend to have blocky, poor-quality results, an AI upscaled image should negate this issue. Here are a few of our favourite AI image upscalers for you to try.

Topaz Photo AI

Provided by Topaz labs, Photo AI is a great AI image upscaler that works by increasing image resolution, rather than simply enlarging pixels. Combining a number of previous technologies, including Gigapixel and Sharpen AI, the software’s neural network is trained on a variety of images in order to understand what photorealistic images should look like.

It is available to try for free, where you can upscale one image. If you want it for more than this, then a one-off cost of $199.99 will give you unlimited lifetime access to that version. You'll also get access to upgraded versions for a year.

AI Image Enlarger

As the name suggests, AI Image Enlarger uses AI to, well, enlarge images. They also offer their image upscaler tool, which they say is especially useful if you have multiple images that need upscaling.

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They offer a range of packages, including a free tier, which gives you 8 credits a month. Or you can pay up to $19 a month for up to 500 credits monthly. The Premium and Advanced packages also allow users to enlarge images by up to 800%.

Deep Image AI

Deep Image AI upscales images, improves quality and removes artifacts via AI and machine learning. It also comes with a mobile app, which can make life a lot easier if you are away from your computer.

This is another AI image upscaler that offers a range of prices. A free trial is available, with 5 credits for watermarked images that can be used once. $7.50 will give you 100 credits, while $20.75 will give you 300 credits per month.


VanceAI is another AI image upscaler that will give you up to 800% enlargement of your image. They use something called Generative Adversarial Networks. Which sounds complicated. But the main thing is it will upscale your image without compromising image quality.

Pricing varies depending on whether you sign up to a monthly, annual, or pay-as-you-go plan. It also works out cheaper the more credits you buy. So this can be a good option for those who will need to upscale a lot of images, or, at the other end of the scale, if you only need one or two images upscaled, you aren't tied in to a contract.

AI image upscalers offer a range of benefits to users, in particular, the improved image quality can have significant benefits to anyone who wants to put a picture on their wall, or who need high-quality images for commercial reasons. The options we've highlighted are some of the best available.

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