Beat Saber has hit its peak with the Daft Punk pack

The Daft Punk duo in their iconic outfits in front of a Beat Saber image
Credit: Beat Games / Daft Punk

The Daft Punk duo in their iconic outfits in front of a Beat Saber image
Credit: Beat Games / Daft Punk

Released in 2019, Beat Saber has won the world over, both as an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master rhythm game as well as an iconic VR game that eases you into a digital world. While the game started with an original soundtrack that, admittedly, does bang, the game has arguably hit its peak with the Daft Punk pack.

If you own one of the best VR headsets, there's no doubt that you'll likely own a copy of Beat Saber. As one of the best VR games available, Beat Saber has become a must-have title for your first sessions in virtual reality, with the game's success causing Meta-owned Oculus to purchase developer Beat Games back in 2019, just a short few months after release.

Over time, the game has introduced numerous paid music packs that feature a wide-range of artists and bands. From mixtapes that feature top tracks from certain genres, like rock, to artist-focused packs like Billie Eilish and The Weeknd, there's no doubt that there's something for everyone. But there was always one major duo missing from Beat Saber - Daft Punk.

The French disco-electronic duo's general vibes, from their out-of-space look to their brilliant array of tracks always felt like a perfect match for Beat Saber's bright lights and fast-paced design. For many years, Beat Saber fans have been waiting for this very moment, when a Daft Punk pack is finally here.

As I've got used to VR and played games closer to Blade and Sorcery than simple, yet fun titles like Beat Saber, the game has mostly sat in my library, waiting for my return. It's easy to say that Daft Punk was my call to come back. With the likes of Around the World, Lose Yourself to Dance, and One More Time, there's no doubt there's a great range of hits to enjoy.

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Playing each of the Daft Punk bangers in Beat Saber doesn't feel like anything new, which is actually a good thing. It feels like it was meant to be. Everything from the level design, to the iconic Daft Punk helmets sitting high above the level feels natural to Beat Saber.

Daft Punk level in Beat Saber mid-gameplay
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Credit: StealthOptional
Excuse the score, it's hard to take pictures when playing

Even with the Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger, a remix of the two hits from the Alive 2007 album, you can feel the hype building as former of the tracks slows down to almost miniscule amounts of beats before kicking into Harder Better Faster Stronger. It just feels right, and while this is certainly standard for Beat Saber, everything mixes well together.

Unfortunately, I cannot say this pack is perfect due to one tiny personal issue. My favourite track, Instant Crush, is nowhere to be found. Even when the pack was announced, my first thought may have been "finally", but my following internal dialogue was "I hope it has Instant Crush". Fortunately, you can find out how to mod Beat Saber and get a user-generated version of the Julian Casablancas featured song, but it's just not the same.

Of course, you can also download all of the Daft Punk discography via mods, more than likely, and save yourself some money. But you're missing out on the very well-designed levels from Beat Games itself. The whole pack is absolutely made with love and care that, while passionate Daft Punk fans can closely recreate with mods, it just isn't the same.

Beat Saber and Daft Punk has always been the perfect combination on paper, and this pack absolutely proves it. I'm really not sure how Beat Saber can go higher than this, and while I know that plenty of new packs will arrive in the future, Daft Punk's soul has once again joined an existing project, and just made it better than it ever has been.

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