BE WARNED, Minecraft fans: False modpacks with intrusive adware are out there!

Minecraft is one of the best games of all time.

It's an absolute titan of gaming, and the kind of game which will probably outlive everyone who's currently playing it.

As a result of that though, it does occasionally lead to scams and less than noble interactions with the generally younger fanbase.

This particular scam needs to be avoided.

Do not download Google Play Store modpacks

According to a company called Kaspersky, there are over 20 apps available on the Google Play Store claiming to be modpacks, but which were actually adware in disguise.

"These types of malicious apps are particularly troublesome because they’re targeting children and teens—many of whom are likely unaware of how to spot potentially malicious apps or how to remove them."

"In addition, because the apps can open the smartphone’s browser, Facebook or YouTube, users might assume the problem rests with these applications, rather than a modpack they might not remember they downloaded. Parents should teach their kids to always be careful about which apps they download and make sure their children’s devices have a security solution installed."

The best way to avoid this is to just not download modpacks via the Google Play Store. You shouldn't try modding Minecraft unless it's on PC.

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Where can you get Minecraft mods?

There are plenty of good places to find real Minecraft mods, and each of them has their own installation instructions and effects.

If you're looking for the best ones out there, we thoroughly recommend a site like PCGamesN or PC Gamer, both of whom have collected some of the best ones around and also talk about how to install them.

Never download anything if you're not sure about the source of it, and this is especially the case when doing so through the Google Play Store and Minecraft modpacks it seems.

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