Battlefield 2042 PS4 vs PS5: Differences, Graphics, Gameplay, Price And More on Last-Gen vs Next-Gen Battlefield

The next Battlefield the hotly-anticipated new release from the franchise. But what about the battle of Battlefield 2042 PS4 vs PS5? With recent confirmation from Jim Ryan that upgrading from PS4 game versions to the PS5 version will carry a cost, players might be wondering whether there will be enough difference between the two versions, to justify it.

We've broken down the key differences that you should know about, so that you can make an informed decision about the two versions of the game. So let's get going.

Battlefield 2042 PS4 vs PS5 Graphics

In graphical terms, both version of the game are expected to look good. On the PS5, we can expect Battlefield 2042 to support HDR 10, 4K Ultra HD, and 60fps. The PS4 Pro can also support 4K and HDR, while the standard PS4 offers HDR output, but not 4K.

You would almost certainly expect the PS5 version to look better than the PS4 version, simply because it's a more powerful console, and the game has been optimised for the new generation of hardware. It may not be until the game is released and we get to compare them side-by-side, that we really see what a difference there is.

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Battlefield 2042 PS4 vs PS5 gameplay

Gameplay-wise, there is really one major difference between the two version of the game. In multiplayer maps, the PS4 version of the game will support up to 64 players. The PS5 version by contrast, will allow 128 players to compete. The PS5 is simply better equipped to cope with larger maps, which the PS4 might negatively impact the player experience.

Apart from that, EA said the following in a briefing:

On Xbox One and PlayStation®4 you will have access to the same gameplay features that we’ve announced for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation®5. Weapons, Vehicles, Specialists and Gadgets all remain the same no matter what generation of console you’re playing on. Dynamic Weather events such as tornadoes, or Environmental Hazards like EMP storms will also be experienced by all players.

In other words, PS4 players won't be missing out on much, compared to PS5 players. There is one final difference though, which relates to cross-play. PS5 users can play against Xbox Series X|S and PC gamers. But PS4 users will be restricted to cross-play against Xbox One users only.

Does Battlefield 2042 cost more on PS5?

There is, as expected, a difference in price terms between the two versions. The PS4 Standard Edition will cost £59.99, while the PS5 equivalent is £69.99. The Gold and Ultimate Editions are the same price whether you are on PS4 or PS5.

Other differences

In theory, any other differences are likely to be relatively minor. Things like loading times, and possibly some of the graphical fidelity will be superior on the PS5. But that's exactly what you'd expect. You'd be pretty cheesed off id you'd spent more for the PS5 version, only to find that there was absolutely no difference between the generations.

But whichever version you end up playing, the thing that's going to matter most of all, is whether the game is actually any good. And we don't have long to wait until we find out for sure. The game is due for full release on 22nd October 2021.

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